Thursday, February 08, 2007

Sh*t i got tagged XD by KGB

yaaaaaay i got tagged by Kgb
XXXDDD, i knew that i was gonna be you ,my first commentor XDD.
sorry i had to delay this but i was discovering my ineer soul lately n i learned a few things about myself,not good things but anyyy waaay
the thing is,that i already knew that i get these phases where every month or so i operate in a certain mental state(the commercial for"always with wings" just popped in my head...dont ask )but.....
whay i didnt know is that i can go into an intersective phase,,an unorganized mixture of diffirent phases,,,kinda like a bowel of salad.

it was .......realle really really disturbing,glad that it ended last monday.
the good thing is that it was like a quick revesion for some of the old phases and i think that this revesion has opened a door for totally new phases to start.

ok maybe i need therapy,,may be not? may be i just have a yearning mind....nah i just need therapy.

im just a guy that dosent supresses his impulses,,,i did that long enough before and now i cant do it even if i wanted to.

Whooooooooo hoooooooooo time to blabber about myself :D.

this list is not comprehensive,and since im a very unstable person(as hinted by the above "phase" shit) the list may change completly if u ask me about it seconds after writing it but goes nothing XD.

watashi no Happy listo:

1-the usual boring shit.,,my family bla bla mom bla bla dad bla bla little fa93ah baby bro bla and so on and so you guys :D.

2-Traveling throughout the planet XD.

3-NIHON ,XXXXDDDDDD aishite iru yo (Japan , i LOVE you).

4-walking a LOT,running,my baseball bat,the gym(all fall under (sports) so im not cheating in here hehheh)

5-Fighting and trash talking people who i think deserve some ass whooping shit,

this one is associated with my new phase...the BADASS phase ,i hope it ends soon since im not that kinda guy but what scares me is that i really like it,,,especially when its someasshole bullying some1 weaker than him i just keep a high profile near him Wishing that the muthafuka gives me the excuse that i need,,,gives me the chills and the highs when im kicking some butt HELL YEAH PUNK (mt7mes shway '7thoony 3la gd 3gly)
i hope that im not past the point of no return in this phase x_x.

6- ok many people find this1 weird,but i like riddels(the cool ones),detective conan(the glorious uncut japanese series of course),and digging in my own past and my roots(i already knew that i have a sheban ancestory but i didnt know that some distant relatives of mine have old people that can speak sheban)
and im not cheating here :D all the above can be labeled as (looking for the truth).

7-MOTORBIKES XDXDXDXD harley davidson n suzuki are my favourites..gonna get one of those muthafukas someday....i wanna be a daredevil (okay now im cheating).

8-MAsterpieces of any kind,,,,could be a person(not gonna say heheh),a tv series(prison break XD)im also an anime freak :P,an object(definetly not the fugly monalisa) or....u get the picture.

9- highly intellectual people who arent snob's and dont look down on you f ur dummer than them,,(great opretunity for an easy jump).oh yeah and foregners or people with diffirent interests or culture than mine,,this includes gay people as long as there is no cherry popping involved or any similar activity from my part :D.
(yes im "semi-cheating", but all of the above goes under the category (people im interested in).....adry ma95tha bel cheating heheh.

10-My computer n vedio games,(GTA,Finalfantasy7&8 r my favs,zalda,medal of honor etc)
11-music,,Rock, and my Guitar,,,all i need is to find a teacher to teach me how to play the damn thing.

12-being doctor in any respectable hostpital as long as it dosent have psychotich m38adeen people with agenda being incharge.

13-girls who are a-smart and deep intellects b-happy and love life c- independant.
i hope to see more of those on the girls arent bad either hehe.

14- leather(mentioning this1 right after the girls is totally innocent)

15- being a thin bastard,extra weight affects everything i do negatively(and i have no fuking idea how it happens but good things keep happening to me as long as my weight is below 59 kg)

16-looking younger than my age(its one of Love-Hate things)


watashi no hatu listo(my hate list,oh your propaply wondering about this shit im typing but i speak alittle japanese,,so da, nihongo o sukochi hanashimasu XD.

1-Rude,intolerant,self-rightous,racist Motherfuckers.
2-Rude,intolerant,self-rightous,racist Motherfuckers who have powerful jops or who are my superiors
3-people who support or justify the rudness intolerance racism or feed the ego of/or Rude,intolerant,self-rightous,racist Motherfuckers.

4-using the name of god and the prophet to justify Rude,intolerant,self-rightous,racist Motherfuckers.

5-Rude,intolerant,self-rightous,racist Motherfuckers who happen to me women(GOD i hate those bitches)

6-Men in general.....especially middle aged men and some of those who are older than 25.

7-snotty little kids,and the idea of having kids(insert scary music in here) x_x.

8-Snobby people

9-ignorant wa6aniyeen ppl who dont know what they are wa6niyeen about and people who hate thier own people for no other reason than being thier own people

10-murabba n peanut butter ,,,,nothing personal between me n them we just dont get along.

11-my intersective phases.

12- gaining weight

13-a tyipical Riyadh (guys night out)ie: getting stuck in the traffic of ta7liah street for a couple of hours then grab aburger n go back home.

14-me when i bitch n whine about the things i hate

ok i better stop here before my blog sucks all of the WWW's accomodational capacity.

now im gonna take a cold shower maybe that would make the badass phase go away.