Tuesday, January 09, 2007

weird Encounters.

yup,,,,,shes a dude.
i remember one of the doctors telling us that transexuals increase in the births of the first generation in a country after a war.

you guys i want to apologise about the language i use in my posts and remind you not to expect anything else in the next posts heheh :D.
here are a few situations ..like i said in the previous post

1-somewhere in toronto 11 pm outside a convenience store opposite to a bar.

me:WHAAAAAT? no pepsi??? are you shitting me?
shopowner: sorry buddy,if you want soda that bad why dont u try rootbeer.
me:NO NO NO,it has to be a pepsi after dinner.
shopowner:then try the bar on the other side.
me:*sigh* okay, goodnight.
*walks a cross the street*
O_O * feels an ominous stare from behind*.
*looks behind*

woman in early 20's:*staring*.
me:*blank expression on my face*
*ready to go inside*
--some1 taps on my sholder--
*looks behind again*
woman:do you have a light hun?
me:no sorry.
me:*silence*....a voice in my subcouncoius tells me something dosent fit in the picture in fron of me.

woman:i asked you a question.
me:..... i dont smoke.
woman : theres a first time for anything.
woman:*pulls out a cigarette*,want one?
me:no thanks,i have to go,excuse me.
woman:oh, so your one of those guys.
*goes inside the bar*
*walks towards the bartender*
bartender:no minors kid,get out.
me:your right,kids shouldnt drink.
bartender:okay then smartass,show me some ID.
me:there ya go :/.
bartender: O_O is this fake?you look at most 18 to me.
me:no,this is an authourized passport by the united nations and accepted by the canadian government :S,its your civil duty to call the police if you have any doubts.
bartender: ah the hell with it,what can i get for you?
me:pepsi,,n FAST. *having a headache*(withdrawal sypmtoms).
bartender:one pop drink coming up.
voice from behind:mmmm how about popping my cherry?
me:*looks behind*oh its just a guy i thought*.
ZEEEOOOOM(9oot tf7ee6 in my head) wtf? (it was a guy with a very misleading feminine voice)
- sorry dude im not what you think

guy in a dress:im a GIRL you meany.*walks away*
bartender:hey dont start trouble here young man.
me:im sorry but im not popping no cherry tonight besides im niether homo nor bisexual.

bartender:*sigh* buddy ,may be you should have another look around.
me:*looks around**men kissing,women dressed as men and vice versa*
*going into a vertigo*
talking to myself(calm down,nothing bizzare in here,other than being the only heterosexual in the surrounding 4 blocks,they are just people,,,calm down,,,its not like your first time seing people with diffirent sexual preferences,they are just people,not diffirent from you....sing a sutra and get a grip)
*center is back*
-sorry man,guess im in the wrong place,just gimme a can pepsi n ill be outta here
bartender:yes may be you should -_-
me:*graps the can* bye bye,have fun,n you ,good luck in finding some1 to pop your cherry.
*people laughing*
*goes outside the bar*
woman:hahahaha the look on your face,fucking priceless.
me:heheh yeah im sure you find this amusing.
woman:so your heterosexual eh?its hard to find those in this area.
me:*muffling while drinking the pepsi* yeah, i bet.
woman:so, are you free tonight?
me:you r looking for heterosexual men?
me:im not talking about myself here but.....i dont get it,how do expect a heterosexual to like you when u have this bulge in your skirt?

he/she:because im a woman
me:ok (ya leeeeeeeeeel).
woman:ok oboiusly your not interested.
me:yes ,sorry no offence,forgive me.
it was`nice meeting you,really , a new experience.
woman:lol yeah i bet you find this amusing.
me:ciao gotta hit hit the road.

2-in kuwait 8 pm,just outside the marina mall.

me:*walking whith my eyes in the sky and a tune ringing in my head(yaaay yaaaay jhonny rockets .....cant wait to eat.....at jhonny rockets....cant walk any further,,,before i taste thier hamburger)

*bluuuuunnnngggeee* -the sound of me pumping into something soft,i think it was a breast or something-.
me:sorry its my fault,sorry,im really sorry.
young (woman)(less than 2o yrs):8leel adab.
me:sorry again,my bad.im really sorry.
her:okay you can stop staring now.
me:*not suprised by what she said since she looked like an arrogant bitch to me*
*my hunch tells me something*
.......dont flatter your self,im not into short fat midgets.
her:*gasp* ya ibn el.....,7SEEEEEEEEN.
*something went wrong with her voice*
7seen:shfeeg 7abooba?
me:*interrupting them* umm ....is she a dude?
7seen:O_O, ,,, lw sma7t ma nby mshakel...yalla 7booba '7ally nmshy a7sn.
me:AHAH *thinking to my self *damn im good XD*

3-riyadh 11 someting,at a mcdonalds at t'76o6y street with m7shesh:
m7shesh:hey DE,look.
me half asleep hungry n bored to death:whaaaaaaaat?
m7shesh:look who just came in.
me:*droopy eyes*, a guy with a bad taste of fashion,so what? your in riyadh stupid.(really tight cut pink blouse and a red stretch pants) will be referred to as redpants.
m7shesh:no idiot, hes flan bn flan.dont you know him?
me:yaaaaaay go tell ur mama.

*red pants had a feeling that we were taking bout him so he smiled n looked at us*
m7shesh:whatever,just go n order me a quarter meal bitch.
me:okay whore.
*walks to the counter* *stands in line behind red pants*
me:umm,law sma7t ,ant '7l9t 6alab ?
redpants:ewah '7l9t 6albah.
me: ?_?, okay. 6yeb momken t7rrek el6aboor shway?
redpants:offffffffffffffff *possipoly upset becausu i continued to talk to him like a guy*.
m7shesh:whaaaaahaaaahaaahahahaahahaha *his ugly ,loud laugh ,t i think he fakes its intensity just to bother me* -_-
me:6yyib.....momken t7rkeen el 6aboor shway law sma7ty? :S
redpant:ok .XD
me:*facing the worker ordering the meals while twisting my hand behind my back and making a 00100 sign for m7shesh.

these are only a few situations i had. i mentioned them because they were kinda weird.
i dont think that its going to be weird anymore,i think i have developed some immunity against these stuations.


Blogger Black Orchid said...

mn jd that was HILARIOS!
allah yegrefhum bs :/

i liked your story elli in Tornonto the most :P
its so funny when they get offended when someone stares at them lol a'3beya
y3ni 5ala9 your NOT a woman yoh!! stop convincing yourself that you are!

5:17 AM  
Blogger KGB agent said...

okay now i feel *eh eh* just from looking at those pictures :S 59o9an the first 1... i mean what's wrong with gays and LIPS XD
i'm sorry but they look HILARIOUS with everything
the second guy m'6b6ha marra XD

LOL kil hal 7osah for a pepsi can! o_0 ur addicted man xO but i feel yah XD
u took ur passport to this place!! =O R U CRAAAAAAAAZY? it could be stolen 4m u or u lose it somewhere :\
i have passports phobia tra ><

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL @ "n you ,good luck in finding some1 to pop your cherry" XXXD ur hilarious o jarea2 wallah.. if i were you i'd grap the pepsi can l7d ma tinf83 min il twattor o ahj as fast as i can :S

LOL #3 was funny XD 7ilwah yaay go tell ur mama.. ur m7shesh friend was mean when he laughed like that... lol

thanx 4 making us laugh like bi*chs XD that was so fuc*in hilarious walla 59o9an #1 XD

billah.. was the red pants name Nayif XD?
there was this guy with my sis at work.. o he was so freakin "n3oom" he used to do his rmoosh o uses eyeliners mo 8damhom 6b3an XD o everything yjy 3la balik.. o he loved micheal jakson to death.. i even heared that he used to dance like him 3nd il fay9alia barra to show off XD
god he was like the spices at work dayim t9ear lah funny weird stories o he knows about creams o Cosmetic stuff more than any girl there XD

have fun Dr. DE! ;)

4:59 PM  
Blogger DemonEyes said...

black orchid
when i was in toronto i never stopped laughing every time i go near that block.
and i wasnt even staring at them .i dont stare no matter what. but somehow that guy convinced himself that i was staring at him,may be he wanted to belive that he was hot n attractive and thought that he could regain confidence in his (beauty)if he belived that i was staring at him.

LOOL,eh eh like in cough cough? ^^.
LOOOOL @ lips...i think its lip gloss,for some reason they think that they attract (fa7ls),i will spare you the details though.
the 2nd guy is under hormones i think,in the last 2 years many of them in the gulf region have started hormone therapy.

i AM addicted,thats why i have insomnia and thats also why i know m7shesh XD .
ummm i had to take the passport that knight,its not my fault that every1 thinks im a minor.
but ur right that was dumb .

lol well she started the jara2a thing when she made that request ^^.

m7shesh wasnt just mean trust me his first prioroty was ez3aaaajjjjjjjj.
if u hear that retarded laugh of his ull know what i mean.

lol my pleasure.

LOOOL this nayif dude does he work in a hospital i think i know him.

redpants name was hisham sth i think..or rashis sth....i dont remember but it had an (sh) in it.

will do;),u too.

4:49 PM  
Blogger KGB agent said...

LOOOOL no eh eh is like :S :S .. XD
these days i'm addicted to 7 up illy bil lemon ;)

n yes yes he works in a hospital.. il t59o9ey hospital XD
do u know him? he's hilarious XD

11:23 AM  
Blogger DemonEyes said...

LOOOL i was expecting that answer,yes i know him but he dosent know that i know him.
the last time i saw him he was in the oncology clinics(3d floor)years ago i think it was in my first year in medschool and may be before that.
lol i cant belive this,i had a feeling about that dude..he just didnt seem m6'boo6 XD.
he should be 27+ by now..wonder f hes still at it.

9:08 AM  
Blogger 5alid said...


i hope he find some1 to pop his cherry loooooooooooooool man u r HILARIOS

is that a real story!! i always heared about those freaks but i`ve never seen 1 of them o inshalah ma ashof i`d really love to see the look in ur eyes when u finde out that u are in transexual bar hehe... i bit u were having fun there :p(amza7)

but u see that`s what they call life Experience hope u learn something from that i don`t know what u`ll learn but im sure u will learn something:P

3:45 PM  
Blogger KGB agent said...

loool yeah he didn't seem m'6boo6 to my sis XD
la w8taha kan at radiation therapy * s/check plz * X)
b4 1 year or 2 i think
bs he quit mn few months o left to Jeddah as i heared..

well, atleast there r more cherries to pop.. i guess!! XD

2:05 PM  
Blogger DemonEyes said...

wtf r u doing reading adult stories u naughty lil kid huh? :P

ya i was having LOTS of fun until i heard the word cherry ...ble5.

what i learned was,,,,well...that if i wanted to screw around someday,i better check carefully before doing it lol.

may me wer not talking about the same guy but i have a very strong feeling that we are, i dunno why.

lol i dont care what he does with his cherry as long as he plays "safe"...now we dont want a doctor that treats people to catch anything do we?XD.

9:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello i liked your story and i support ya to be ts or tv or shemale that if ya want

10:09 AM  

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