Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy belated Eid XD

yaaaay finally some reason to be happy XD.(not that i really need a reason ,sometimes i just burst into laughter,just like that:D, n they sayالضحك بدون سبب قلة ادب n thats me heheh,8leel adab ).
anyway sorry for not righting in this blog for so long but i never write when i dont feel like it and some times my fuc*ing mood gets really bitchy,besides ,i spend most of my time out.and for the last 10 days i was out of town.
i hope u guys got all freshened up after this holiday cuz the next semister is gonna be one long azz biatch.
so get ready for school or work or whatever(i know u guys want to throw tomatos at me now,dont hate me:) ).
speaking of work.....Dr Cafe is hiring,1 shift and the pay is good:) hear that KGB? fill the form below and dont ask my what is a barista i havent the slightest clue but no need for that,i know your going to check the manager box ;D .

as for me im very glad that i got out this fucking najdi pleatue for a change and went to the eastern province,baharain n kuwait(yeah you guessed it right i was too broke to go to dubai).


Blogger Someone said...

i love ur blog
this is my first time to comment though ,
anyway happy 3eed,new year...etc
i know its late but oh well =p
so u hate najd too?
i LOVE you *hugz u tight*
lool xP
keep blogging u lazy blogger

5:49 PM  
Blogger Black Orchid said...

6afash 6afash 6afash!
eff mn jd there's nothing to do around here :/
abi asaaaaafer
el finals are after 3 weeks wj3 so sooooooon :|

elmohim gool allah yfawwig hana Oo tit5arraj b 98%!!! :D

(my comment is lame but anyway aham shay ennik td3eeli okay? :P)

10:20 AM  
Blogger DemonEyes said...

welcome to my humble blog,XD
i hate the atmosphere in najd and cattle like social system but not the land itself,those punks have to do alot better to make me hate the land which my grandfathers shed thier blood for ,but still it sux ass .

black orchid:
ameen ameen ameen ya rab twaffig hana belfinals wo '3eerah wo ma tgeeb a8al mn 98%.

you should have used the recent holidays to take a break from this region.
oh well,dont worry theres another hoiday after the finals,promise me that youll use it to get outta here :).

4:46 PM  
Blogger KGB agent said...


5:27 PM  
Blogger KGB agent said...

wow i always laugh 4 no reason.. so we're the 8aleelean adab gang XD LOL

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY @ Dr. cafe *jumping around*
i'll fill it immediately *still dreaming*
*4got where she lives*
*got a slap on the face n finally woke up*
yeah right -__-.. WHY DID U TELL ME? >< I HATE YOU lol
barista sounds like an italian food XD Pasta maybe lol
i'll ask them next time.. i bet they'll hire me 3la 6oooool XD

o don't feel sorry coz u didn't go to Dubai.. at Eid time all saudies go there.. i prefer to stay here 3la inny arro7 there at Eids ><
wallah u should see Riyadh at il eid IT WAS SO FU**IN EMPTY.. WNASA

hope u had fun o went to LOTS N LOTS OF CINEMAS XD

marry me!!? LOL

happy belated Eid to you too ;)
keep posting man...

5:38 PM  
Blogger DemonEyes said...

lol kgb, reality bites :).
hope its gonna change for the better soon.
but i bet that ull get hired as a manager,do u like bossing people around?
nah im not feeling bad or anything,i got bored of dubai anyway.
yup.movies everyday^^ . better use it before you lose it :P.
okay,but no kids lol.

2:30 AM  
Blogger KGB agent said...

no i don't like to..
but sometimes t9k m3ay o i do =D
n i'm good at it XD

yes yes aham shay no kids ;D LOL

3:26 PM  
Blogger Khalid said...

Fun blog lols, first time commenting ! keep blogging ya wad =D

12:13 PM  

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