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The good and bad,with or against us,the chosen people syndrome.....and tribalism

ribalism does exist in this country but it has disappeard from many tribes due to the social transformation and some people have replaced it with regionalism but....
everything has +ve points and -ve points
there is nothing such as absolute evil or absolute good and between the back and white there is more than 1000000 diffirent shades of greyness.
what is the the diffirence between people who dont accept this and see only 2 absoulute opposites and nothing in between and an extreme self rightous hayah man who thinks that the shiekh he follows is prophet-like and everything he said came freshly from the divine will or a president who thinks that god talked to him and orderd him to send his troops across the globe to destroy evil.
ithink that all of the above have what could be called (chosen people syndrome).
tribalism now means alot of ugly things such as racism (between divisions of the same race and not necessarily between a race and another),was6ah for members of the same tribe,forced arranged marriges and creating -ve stereotypes about members of other tribes.
but it also means right now to some people or it meant once upon a time to others sharing the littile food you have with your tribe member cuz hes a part of family.sharing your tent happily with other tribe members if they were kicked out of thier lands whether by other tribes or the ottoman turks or the british colonial army(in past times)or from the gulf wars even if you didnt have enough money that encourages you to do charity you have a feeling of solitude towards other tribe members and now youhave 2 reasons that are enough to do charity even if one of these reasons is not enough.
it also helped creating diffirent unique subcultures ,diffirent tribes have diffirent accents ,words ,looks,traditions,foods and calligraphy to mention a few,you can see this in the diffirent subcultures of china and other countries.
so it can mean cultural diverstiy which can be very beautiful and colorful in the same way that it can be ugly and destructive and it is up to us to decide which one to choose just as it is up to us to change what we dont like in this country instead of taking the nearest chance to immigrate like pussys(i mean the cats not the other pussys...i dont think women are cowards we have many shining examples of female bravery in our culture whether the islamic figures or the normal common figures but alas they have been rewritten by the winners,the winners write the history to thier liking and for out bad lack the most recent winners in this country were arrogant male chauvinists ^_^ )
if we dont change the wrongs in our society nobody will,we can fight like decent people or take the easy chickensh*t way and run to some other country and amuse the people in there with how our country sucks ass.then what? they will respect niether and im going to take my chances and say theyr not going to do something about it and if they did it wont be out of good will and if they did out of good will then we wont be deserving the lifestyle we have because......we didnt pay the price for it...we didnt fight for it...we didnt create it.

so after all this long lecture the question is:
should we fight tribalism All forms and shades of tribalism and cancel it completly and call any one who speaks of tribalism generally without referring to the(good) or (bad) type a backward igonorant bedwin?
the answers of each individual of YOU...the saudi people...determines that.


Blogger saif said...

Salam Alaekum.

if we dont change the wrongs in our society nobody will,we can fight like decent people or take the easy chickensh*t way and run to some other country and amuse the people in there with how our country sucks ass.

Way to go!!!!!

I've seen hundreds of Saudis on the net who have nothing better to do than to whine about all the sucky things in this country. While I appreciate the need to talk and be open about it, it really irks me when it's the only thing people do.

Ofcourse, one can't change anything, and sometimes the things you're fighting against are too strong to let you make a difference, but atleast you try, instead of taking the chicken way out.

Your being surrounded by extreme kinda guys might actually turn out to be something good. In my experience, if you reason with these guys using the terms and examples they understand, they actually accept their errors, and turn out to be pretty normal people.

Long comment, eh! :)

7:20 AM  
Blogger DemonEyes said...

wa alaekum assamal brother
thank you ,its nice to hear some encouragment every now n then.

the proplem here is that every group seem to have thier own ideologyhey not just in religion,but sociey,traditions daily behaviour and to some they even include what you do with your wife.
so if you please them in one thing you wont be able to please them in te othe things,and the more you please them the higher your rank becomes in thier circumference and vise versa.
they dont accept differences,not just that, if you are different then you are x or y or another bad thing that they use for (stray's).
its really complicated.

but they have to do more than that before they make me hate the land which my grandfathers showered with thier blood so we can be alive today.

10:33 AM  

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