Tuesday, October 31, 2006

My first post evaaaaaaaaa ^_^

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
Yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo all
Guess what this blog is all about>>>>>>MOI ^_^
MOI MOI wa ma adraka ma MOI.
MOI is this awesome smart hansome guy with 10 bank accounts full of greens....21...single maybe looking?.....>.> (looks at what he just wrote..i cant belive i just wrote that)
well i dont know what the F*** people write in these things anyway.
any way lets start by telling you a few things about me.
my typing sux..sometimes i feel like typing in arabic(i wonder with what am i going to replace the Fu*Ks an Sh*ts :S ?) lol a blog with slang arabic...something you dont see everyday eh?
..i am kinda moody(just here on the net..youll never notice that in real life.after all didnt they create the net so we can dumb our S**t or whatever is difficult to do in our lifes in it whenever we feel like it? no?then explain to me why do revolutionatists,the enlightened and racists think the internet is so awesome?...its this is where they dumb thier shit ^^. and explain to me why ENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG...time out>>>>back to our subject.
FHEWWW (sigh)
i can already tell this blog is going to be one long azz fuc*ed up journy :x


Anonymous i need mah DSL back :s said...


i have a blog too but there's some (e3adt e3mar) o (t9le7at) LOL..
so u can wait RIGHT? it's not that kool but yemashey il 7al -___-

here is something to show u how it's gonna be..coz after few months or maybe weeks u'll feel bored n u'll HAVE ENOUGH OF THIS WORLD N U'LL STOP WRITING n POSTING JUST LIKE THAT :S << 7alty most39eya lool
or u wont have DSL anymore n u'll have to go lil s67 n steal ur jerans' dsl :s which it sucks too..

anyhow hope u enjoy it here man...
i already added u to mah fav list lool..
FINALLY ANOTHER GUY WITH A NONE- M9DEE MIND<< don't dissapoint me young man -__- ok?

P.S. ur not the only one who sucks with the spelling thing :S join the group? hehe..

8:32 AM  
Blogger DemonEyes said...

YAAAAAAAAY my first commentor
your the man,ah mean woman i wont get emotional now...sniff sniff*
{this is the way i do my my za'3ra6ah....dont ask why :S )and a fellow bad speller too..what are the odds lol.
and oh yeah i hear you i feel bored already but i already made a plan not to quit blogging i hope it works ^_^
lol the only reason i go to my s67 is to guard my own internet since i have satellite net(dont be jealous now)and they can steal it by putting some few wires together(belive me... sh*t like this happens)

10:19 PM  
Blogger DemonEyes said...

hey maybe i will be inspired by your blog :)..cuz i know that its gonna kick ass :)..i know it wont be boring( not trying to put any pressure here ^^).im kidding just write whatever you want and dont give a fU*king rats butt about what other people want to read if you are not convinced.
as for the m9dee mind thingy ...DONT EVA COMPARE ME TO THOSE PPL EVA AGAIN ^^

10:23 PM  
Blogger DemonEyes said...

well....i try not judge any1 for being m9dee but everyday i see something that proves me wrong especially by the people that surround me(in real life...not the net)
i used to call them that before but know i prefer other terms ^^.
ah n by the way if your going to get a new dsl account..DONT EVER get the sh*tty saudi net.
thanks for the add^^ and im waiting for the UN to complete the e3adat e3mar or your blog(that was a lame joke ..please pretend that you didnt read it.
now im going to kick some butt(on PS2 hehe).

10:23 PM  
Anonymous i still need mah dsl back :S said...

i liked ur z'3ra6ah lol
it's cute..ma tjeab le headache

YEAAAAH WEHEEEEE >> i just had some chocolates :S
n about ur satellite hmmmm... maybe they can steal it by just turning on the Wireless botton o BS =D.. can't they? coz that's what i was doin these days H3 H3 ;)
IT'S FUN but sometimes it sucks -_-

i'm mt7msa now to finish my blog..
u've encouraged me to ^_^ YAY

BTW 0_0 ur not a m9dee mind guy tra.. bs la takelney loool

other terms? like what! :S
<< ra7 mf3ool il chocolates ^^

i didn't read the joke tra -_-
i'm acting NICE here man don't 399bing me LOOOL..
n if u REALLY wanna kick some butts play (the midnight club 3)it's MARRA FALLA GAME ><


12:11 PM  
Blogger DemonEyes said...

lol what kind of chocho's are you eating girl?are they the kind with vitamins like vit A,b,...may be viat hashish?^^
ummm .as for other terms....may be ill make a post about them someday,every time i think of a term to describe them i find that it has either arrogance on my behalf or bias against them so ....whenever i completely understand my veiw of them and the closer i get from touching the center of this view...the more ability i get to express my self ,views and relations with those people.
i tend not to just blindlessly bash those people now the way i did the past 2 years when i was practically in war with them cuz it wont get me or them or us anywhere,so i try to get the positive sides of both part'ys but that dosent mean im going to stop to critisizing either of them.
i belive i need to adopt the style because every1 else uses the clashing style,i used to do that but now i prefer confrontation,i also try to lose my orientation ,,,this will make me less biased and more powerfuat the same time,
also i thik it is time for me to do this.
because ...in my early teens i was kind of m6dee too(hey dont blame me woman,they raised me :) )
but at 17 i statrted my transformation and got to know the other side of the equilibrium.
by 19 my transformation was complete and the angry phase started,and i started critisizing without considering the information exposure and the time of exposure between me and them,ie:i know some informatio that proves them wrong,i dont realize that it have taken me 2 months or more to fully comprehend and analyze that information and adopt it as true,so when i confront them,them and i are on diffirent levels of information,may be they are better informed on something but im better informed on something else,so i used to assume that just giving them the piece of information that froms that basis of my opinion which opposes thiers will make them understand and if they didnt understand then they just dont want to understand ,,,and in many cases i was wrong..they just needed the exposure and the time that i took unconciously to adopt that opinion.
and in the end al e5telaf sunnat al 7ayah.
but the most important thing in the diffirences between us(wich is the base of our disagreement)
is they they usually tend to be intolerant,force thier opinion on others by giving it legitemacy either by religion,traditions,science,what they call (facts ) etc etc
(wtf? may i should reproduce this comment into a new post)
and ya ur right
MidnightClub kicks butt,
too bad i nailed the game 2 months ago -_-

6:34 PM  
Anonymous i really need msh dsl back :S said...

LOOOOL..no.. it's just an italian chocolate =D that's all ^^

n OMG u were m9dde TOO? lol
i don't blame u actually every saudi guy (yes especially guys) went through this.. but they usually stick to it n never change, they don't even try to..
n when ever u try to discuss things with em they get aggressive and defensive..

n what I REALLY HATE is like what u said, when they "force thier opinion on others by giving it legitemacy either by religion,traditions,science" n I WISH IF THEY WERE USING SCIENCE to force they're opinions..THEY ACTUALLY DON'T.. At least Science is so clear that it can't be twisted to the way they like to.. Like what's happening with our religion.. Don't get me wrong but it's obviously that they mix between three things (religion, traditions and things they want to get to).. Like when it come to women,life,marriage,work and everything..

N when u said that u tried to confront them with the informations u have it didn't work 9a7 feeha tbadol ara2 o ketha but I can't do this anymore THEY PISS ME OFF MAN 0_0.. Like if they're always right n we're all goin to hell or something.. n the more I discuss things with em the more I realize that I can't change em.. They don't wanna LISTEN

This brmja o '3seel il mo5 starts from school (u gotta see our books 59o9an il f8ah 0_o u'll be shocked of the things they say feeh ) till u graduate n it continues even in uni n after that work..it's everywere fee il society o at home o bil schools, Everyone is mbrmj to thoughts n believes they can't ever leave or change they become a M9DDE MIND PPL 0_o,, which is 3ks open minded ppl =D the ppl I luv ^^ h3 h3
I'm not trying to look WOW I'm an open minded person n I'm KOOL GET AWAY OF MY WAY lol.. but at least I try to listen to other opinions n see their wjhat n'6r..but I STOPPED arguing with em coz it'll never lead to anything 59o9an some of them 4m the first look u can see if they accept or not ur side of a view toward things..

MAN if I'm gonna talk about this it'll take 4 ever :S ( I'm m39ba now >< u brought some bad memories here) lol.. But GOOD 4 YEWWW.. 3al a8al u have changed 4m 17 *thumbs up*
I NEVA EVA agreed with em min youm kan 6ooly shbrean ;) but I'm curious.. What has made u change at that age?

I'm sorry 4 the long comment bs kan momken ykoon waaaaay longer lawla il brrrrrrrrd illy hina bil s67 >_< .. It's really cold here n it's getting colder ::(

Thnx 4 everything dude u have a gr8 blog.. Keep posting n smiling =)

10:01 AM  
Blogger DemonEyes said...

loooool your still in the s67 O_o?
looks like that you like the high(with every meaning the word high carries)
Longer comments kick azz ^^
i agree with you on the fe8h book thingy,but dont mind that its just some old fart thinking that demoting womens images in the books of snotty lil jubior high students will make him look better.
as for the people that i might not agree with,if talking to a million of them is going to change the mind of one of them then thats reason enough for me to keep the debate.
i wasnt really a m6dee ..may be a semi m6dee,i didnt understand or agree with many things,at least inside my heart,but whenever i try to quistion some of the (((facts)))
they whip my mind with words like (heresy, blamsephy,etc)
and those thought just dwelled in my chest until a very interesting chain of events started happening to me and my surroundings in my 16 year,at 17 i knew i had to abandon alot of what i took for granted and started reading and exploring .by 19 i aknoledged my change an adopted a new way of thinking but now that i look at it it was unbiased and a great percentage of it was a backlash to the mental supression that was practised on me over tha years,know i tend not to judge anyone no matter how he looks or what he wears or even sometimes what he does.....until he speaks his mind and explains his reasons for doing what he was doing.
as for my story it is something like an epic to me ^_^ and many crazy stuff happend both beatiful and ugly i was thinking or writing them here but it was hard because i have to edit alot of things since some incidents are famous ad it can be easy for some people to recognise me by the details(not that im a celebrity or anything like that really).
as for the bad memories ^^
6nsh t3sh tanta3esh XD
but i envy you ,you dont have to remember it every day,in my case most of the things that surround me in everyday of my life carry a sympol or a hint not to mention that i am surrounded by the extreme kind of those guys which is something i have to deal with alot.
but all is good.we are all colors in a paniting whats important is tha i dont change whether by them or by some1 else.
get a farwah woman
by the way i couldnt access niether your blog nor your profile,just wondering who am i supposed to know if it is up again(kind of a newbie question i know but im not familiar with blogs >< )
glad u liked my blog. looking forward to see yours

3:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is she ill?
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12:11 AM  
Blogger DemonEyes said...

nah i was just on a vacation :)

9:59 PM  
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