Thursday, February 08, 2007

Sh*t i got tagged XD by KGB

yaaaaaay i got tagged by Kgb
XXXDDD, i knew that i was gonna be you ,my first commentor XDD.
sorry i had to delay this but i was discovering my ineer soul lately n i learned a few things about myself,not good things but anyyy waaay
the thing is,that i already knew that i get these phases where every month or so i operate in a certain mental state(the commercial for"always with wings" just popped in my head...dont ask )but.....
whay i didnt know is that i can go into an intersective phase,,an unorganized mixture of diffirent phases,,,kinda like a bowel of salad.

it was .......realle really really disturbing,glad that it ended last monday.
the good thing is that it was like a quick revesion for some of the old phases and i think that this revesion has opened a door for totally new phases to start.

ok maybe i need therapy,,may be not? may be i just have a yearning mind....nah i just need therapy.

im just a guy that dosent supresses his impulses,,,i did that long enough before and now i cant do it even if i wanted to.

Whooooooooo hoooooooooo time to blabber about myself :D.

this list is not comprehensive,and since im a very unstable person(as hinted by the above "phase" shit) the list may change completly if u ask me about it seconds after writing it but goes nothing XD.

watashi no Happy listo:

1-the usual boring shit.,,my family bla bla mom bla bla dad bla bla little fa93ah baby bro bla and so on and so you guys :D.

2-Traveling throughout the planet XD.

3-NIHON ,XXXXDDDDDD aishite iru yo (Japan , i LOVE you).

4-walking a LOT,running,my baseball bat,the gym(all fall under (sports) so im not cheating in here hehheh)

5-Fighting and trash talking people who i think deserve some ass whooping shit,

this one is associated with my new phase...the BADASS phase ,i hope it ends soon since im not that kinda guy but what scares me is that i really like it,,,especially when its someasshole bullying some1 weaker than him i just keep a high profile near him Wishing that the muthafuka gives me the excuse that i need,,,gives me the chills and the highs when im kicking some butt HELL YEAH PUNK (mt7mes shway '7thoony 3la gd 3gly)
i hope that im not past the point of no return in this phase x_x.

6- ok many people find this1 weird,but i like riddels(the cool ones),detective conan(the glorious uncut japanese series of course),and digging in my own past and my roots(i already knew that i have a sheban ancestory but i didnt know that some distant relatives of mine have old people that can speak sheban)
and im not cheating here :D all the above can be labeled as (looking for the truth).

7-MOTORBIKES XDXDXDXD harley davidson n suzuki are my favourites..gonna get one of those muthafukas someday....i wanna be a daredevil (okay now im cheating).

8-MAsterpieces of any kind,,,,could be a person(not gonna say heheh),a tv series(prison break XD)im also an anime freak :P,an object(definetly not the fugly monalisa) or....u get the picture.

9- highly intellectual people who arent snob's and dont look down on you f ur dummer than them,,(great opretunity for an easy jump).oh yeah and foregners or people with diffirent interests or culture than mine,,this includes gay people as long as there is no cherry popping involved or any similar activity from my part :D.
(yes im "semi-cheating", but all of the above goes under the category (people im interested in).....adry ma95tha bel cheating heheh.

10-My computer n vedio games,(GTA,Finalfantasy7&8 r my favs,zalda,medal of honor etc)
11-music,,Rock, and my Guitar,,,all i need is to find a teacher to teach me how to play the damn thing.

12-being doctor in any respectable hostpital as long as it dosent have psychotich m38adeen people with agenda being incharge.

13-girls who are a-smart and deep intellects b-happy and love life c- independant.
i hope to see more of those on the girls arent bad either hehe.

14- leather(mentioning this1 right after the girls is totally innocent)

15- being a thin bastard,extra weight affects everything i do negatively(and i have no fuking idea how it happens but good things keep happening to me as long as my weight is below 59 kg)

16-looking younger than my age(its one of Love-Hate things)


watashi no hatu listo(my hate list,oh your propaply wondering about this shit im typing but i speak alittle japanese,,so da, nihongo o sukochi hanashimasu XD.

1-Rude,intolerant,self-rightous,racist Motherfuckers.
2-Rude,intolerant,self-rightous,racist Motherfuckers who have powerful jops or who are my superiors
3-people who support or justify the rudness intolerance racism or feed the ego of/or Rude,intolerant,self-rightous,racist Motherfuckers.

4-using the name of god and the prophet to justify Rude,intolerant,self-rightous,racist Motherfuckers.

5-Rude,intolerant,self-rightous,racist Motherfuckers who happen to me women(GOD i hate those bitches)

6-Men in general.....especially middle aged men and some of those who are older than 25.

7-snotty little kids,and the idea of having kids(insert scary music in here) x_x.

8-Snobby people

9-ignorant wa6aniyeen ppl who dont know what they are wa6niyeen about and people who hate thier own people for no other reason than being thier own people

10-murabba n peanut butter ,,,,nothing personal between me n them we just dont get along.

11-my intersective phases.

12- gaining weight

13-a tyipical Riyadh (guys night out)ie: getting stuck in the traffic of ta7liah street for a couple of hours then grab aburger n go back home.

14-me when i bitch n whine about the things i hate

ok i better stop here before my blog sucks all of the WWW's accomodational capacity.

now im gonna take a cold shower maybe that would make the badass phase go away.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

weird Encounters.

yup,,,,,shes a dude.
i remember one of the doctors telling us that transexuals increase in the births of the first generation in a country after a war.

you guys i want to apologise about the language i use in my posts and remind you not to expect anything else in the next posts heheh :D.
here are a few situations i said in the previous post

1-somewhere in toronto 11 pm outside a convenience store opposite to a bar.

me:WHAAAAAT? no pepsi??? are you shitting me?
shopowner: sorry buddy,if you want soda that bad why dont u try rootbeer.
me:NO NO NO,it has to be a pepsi after dinner.
shopowner:then try the bar on the other side.
me:*sigh* okay, goodnight.
*walks a cross the street*
O_O * feels an ominous stare from behind*.
*looks behind*

woman in early 20's:*staring*.
me:*blank expression on my face*
*ready to go inside*
--some1 taps on my sholder--
*looks behind again*
woman:do you have a light hun?
me:no sorry.
me:*silence*....a voice in my subcouncoius tells me something dosent fit in the picture in fron of me.

woman:i asked you a question.
me:..... i dont smoke.
woman : theres a first time for anything.
woman:*pulls out a cigarette*,want one?
me:no thanks,i have to go,excuse me.
woman:oh, so your one of those guys.
*goes inside the bar*
*walks towards the bartender*
bartender:no minors kid,get out.
me:your right,kids shouldnt drink.
bartender:okay then smartass,show me some ID.
me:there ya go :/.
bartender: O_O is this fake?you look at most 18 to me.
me:no,this is an authourized passport by the united nations and accepted by the canadian government :S,its your civil duty to call the police if you have any doubts.
bartender: ah the hell with it,what can i get for you?
me:pepsi,,n FAST. *having a headache*(withdrawal sypmtoms).
bartender:one pop drink coming up.
voice from behind:mmmm how about popping my cherry?
me:*looks behind*oh its just a guy i thought*.
ZEEEOOOOM(9oot tf7ee6 in my head) wtf? (it was a guy with a very misleading feminine voice)
- sorry dude im not what you think

guy in a dress:im a GIRL you meany.*walks away*
bartender:hey dont start trouble here young man.
me:im sorry but im not popping no cherry tonight besides im niether homo nor bisexual.

bartender:*sigh* buddy ,may be you should have another look around.
me:*looks around**men kissing,women dressed as men and vice versa*
*going into a vertigo*
talking to myself(calm down,nothing bizzare in here,other than being the only heterosexual in the surrounding 4 blocks,they are just people,,,calm down,,,its not like your first time seing people with diffirent sexual preferences,they are just people,not diffirent from you....sing a sutra and get a grip)
*center is back*
-sorry man,guess im in the wrong place,just gimme a can pepsi n ill be outta here
bartender:yes may be you should -_-
me:*graps the can* bye bye,have fun,n you ,good luck in finding some1 to pop your cherry.
*people laughing*
*goes outside the bar*
woman:hahahaha the look on your face,fucking priceless.
me:heheh yeah im sure you find this amusing.
woman:so your heterosexual eh?its hard to find those in this area.
me:*muffling while drinking the pepsi* yeah, i bet.
woman:so, are you free tonight?
me:you r looking for heterosexual men?
me:im not talking about myself here but.....i dont get it,how do expect a heterosexual to like you when u have this bulge in your skirt?

he/she:because im a woman
me:ok (ya leeeeeeeeeel).
woman:ok oboiusly your not interested.
me:yes ,sorry no offence,forgive me.
it was`nice meeting you,really , a new experience.
woman:lol yeah i bet you find this amusing.
me:ciao gotta hit hit the road.

2-in kuwait 8 pm,just outside the marina mall.

me:*walking whith my eyes in the sky and a tune ringing in my head(yaaay yaaaay jhonny rockets .....cant wait to jhonny rockets....cant walk any further,,,before i taste thier hamburger)

*bluuuuunnnngggeee* -the sound of me pumping into something soft,i think it was a breast or something-.
me:sorry its my fault,sorry,im really sorry.
young (woman)(less than 2o yrs):8leel adab.
me:sorry again,my really sorry.
her:okay you can stop staring now.
me:*not suprised by what she said since she looked like an arrogant bitch to me*
*my hunch tells me something*
.......dont flatter your self,im not into short fat midgets.
her:*gasp* ya ibn el.....,7SEEEEEEEEN.
*something went wrong with her voice*
7seen:shfeeg 7abooba?
me:*interrupting them* umm she a dude?
7seen:O_O, ,,, lw sma7t ma nby mshakel...yalla 7booba '7ally nmshy a7sn.
me:AHAH *thinking to my self *damn im good XD*

3-riyadh 11 someting,at a mcdonalds at t'76o6y street with m7shesh:
m7shesh:hey DE,look.
me half asleep hungry n bored to death:whaaaaaaaat?
m7shesh:look who just came in.
me:*droopy eyes*, a guy with a bad taste of fashion,so what? your in riyadh stupid.(really tight cut pink blouse and a red stretch pants) will be referred to as redpants.
m7shesh:no idiot, hes flan bn flan.dont you know him?
me:yaaaaaay go tell ur mama.

*red pants had a feeling that we were taking bout him so he smiled n looked at us*
m7shesh:whatever,just go n order me a quarter meal bitch.
me:okay whore.
*walks to the counter* *stands in line behind red pants*
me:umm,law sma7t ,ant '7l9t 6alab ?
redpants:ewah '7l9t 6albah.
me: ?_?, okay. 6yeb momken t7rrek el6aboor shway?
redpants:offffffffffffffff *possipoly upset becausu i continued to talk to him like a guy*.
m7shesh:whaaaaahaaaahaaahahahaahahaha *his ugly ,loud laugh ,t i think he fakes its intensity just to bother me* -_-
me:6yyib.....momken t7rkeen el 6aboor shway law sma7ty? :S
redpant:ok .XD
me:*facing the worker ordering the meals while twisting my hand behind my back and making a 00100 sign for m7shesh.

these are only a few situations i had. i mentioned them because they were kinda weird.
i dont think that its going to be weird anymore,i think i have developed some immunity against these stuations.

homo-bi sexuality,gender benders,the hair,the thobe,the jeans...the contraindications....and of course,some other sh*t

some of you wont like this post,i made it clear in the topic above so read no further if you are offended by this.
but i have to write about this,as a guy in riyadh,or najd generally,because it happens alot more than you think.

i have been seeing it since i was 10,maybe before,many kids talk about it as if it was the natural standard of thier sexual orientation.
and since then it never stopped,i have to hear about it (or sometimes see the
action,light and sometimes heavy action) at least every week.
and i know many people do encounter that alot,at least by conversation and talk.

and what suprises me that there are alot of females in here that dont know niether the true extent of this phenomena nor how common it is.
well,lets start by some of the universal definitions for some of the words concerning the topic.

top:the giver :S bottom:the reciver :x both:well,both of them x_x'
shemale/transgender:dude becomes a dudette after taking estrogens(he thinks that he is a female from inside).
transvestite:same as above,but no estrogens(this means his body n facial hair do not fall down,he dosent grow boobs n he dosent develop female fat distribution ,all this in contrast to the transgender which much resembles a female from the outside.

well, in riyadh,especially in the traditional and lower income nieghbourhoods in the south of the city,you are more likely to see the first three kinds.

there is no puplic word for a top,people rarely use this word,people just consider him a (man) or (fa7l)
the usual common word for a bottom is ('7neeth),(mbasbes)is used sometimes but most commonly they use i for people who do (unmanly)things even though they didnt reach the stage of a '7neeth in thier point of view,

these (unmanly things)could inculde :

-wearing a jeans or growing long hair(to the more (civilised)of them it becomes wearing a jeans without having dark skin and speaking in the certian (manly) accent,or grwoing hair without having a thick hairy mustache or saksooka+not having a dark skin).

-talking with a '7neeth without molesting him and humiliating him the way (fa7ls)do.either molest him and stick a few fingers in his a** or you are a '7neeth with no manhood(wallah 7alah :/ )

-walking down the street without a car,they think (why is he walking when he has a car?he must be a '7neeth wanting some1 to pick him up!! lets go and try our luck with him :S

-not wearing a thobe is enough to be a considerd a '7neeth in some parts of najd.
most people dont belive in thier hearts that what a (fa7l) does is outragous.even if a small portion of the people say that they dont react to is actions the same way they react to the bottom,the '7neeth ,the one who didnt accept the blessing of manhood in thier point of view
to them,it is a matter of glorified masculinity against humiliting femninity for them more than it is a matter of a religouse offence.
thats why (fa7ls) can get married after repenting thier actions(and even without repenting) and they dont get thier rep screwd up the way ('7neeths)do.

as for the bottom,some just like it from the back door with retaining thier masculine behaviour while others like to be feminine and someday the might become tansgenders .

i tried to understand those people,but every time i end in a roadblock,i have a feeling that i will never understand why all of the above types do what they do.

as for the shemales,i saw some of them abroad(even conversed with some)...i dont know why i get into stupid situations ,i will mention them in my next post.

in the end i would like to mention,again, that alot of people get discriminated against by calling them gay just because they dont wear thobes or because they dress diffirent,thats why those people isolate themselves with like minded people and think that every1 else is a retarded mota'7allef asshole.
while the others isolate themselves in fear of being called gay if they befriend the (jeans wearing m'7aneeth)
and we end up with 2 enemies that dont tolerate eachother in one society.

if you ask me,i dont want any1 to win(even though its obvious that the (mot'7allef assholes) have won over the (jeans wearing m'7aneeth) in the najd region)

i want them to tolerate and accept each other, or at least, not to be harassed by either of them when i wear a thobe or wear a jeans.

grow up already

mature,,,,,say bye bye to that childish over or unde horomoned phase of your life and get over those pre generated ideas about others.
in the end your all the same whether you liked it or not.
you cant just wave your magic wand and make them fade away so either exterminate them all,which is not a civilised option,or try living with them.

really ,walla some people in this town have seriuos issues. :S

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy belated Eid XD

yaaaay finally some reason to be happy XD.(not that i really need a reason ,sometimes i just burst into laughter,just like that:D, n they sayالضحك بدون سبب قلة ادب n thats me heheh,8leel adab ).
anyway sorry for not righting in this blog for so long but i never write when i dont feel like it and some times my fuc*ing mood gets really bitchy,besides ,i spend most of my time out.and for the last 10 days i was out of town.
i hope u guys got all freshened up after this holiday cuz the next semister is gonna be one long azz biatch.
so get ready for school or work or whatever(i know u guys want to throw tomatos at me now,dont hate me:) ).
speaking of work.....Dr Cafe is hiring,1 shift and the pay is good:) hear that KGB? fill the form below and dont ask my what is a barista i havent the slightest clue but no need for that,i know your going to check the manager box ;D .

as for me im very glad that i got out this fucking najdi pleatue for a change and went to the eastern province,baharain n kuwait(yeah you guessed it right i was too broke to go to dubai).

Sunday, December 03, 2006

LOOOL,rabee3,cartoons ,polarism,n some other sh*t

LOOOOOOOL, bullseye rabee3 my man.capture the moment...put them in front of the mirror,and show them how ugly they can be XD... this is one ugly truth.
i dunno whats wrong with me, i used to get annoyd when i see things like this,but i got tired of getting annoyd and im sure many of you dont give a fuck anymore either.,its dark comedy time,its one of the best ways to polish our mirror from the dust of self-rightiousness so we can see our image more clearly.
now i didnt bring this up as a regurgitation of the (self-whipping) attitude.
self whipping will do no good,it will just raise your blood pressure up.
what i would do is:
1-this kind of attitude is a fact ,and it wont change soon
2-I dont have to accept it,but ill have to deal with it,i dont have to confront it... rather absorb it(unless they really ask for a confrontation)
3-dont hold grudge,its just the way they were taught.they have been under exposure of the wrong ideas for too long that they dont even remember that it is wrong anymore,im sure if expose them to diffirent concepts in the same amount that have accumelated in thier minds over the years they will rethink thier actions,but its hard to do that since they had alife time accumlating these thoughts .
alot of them feels uneasy about it when they are first taught to do it,by friends or by society.some might have a hard time beliving it but these guys arent pure evil.for sure many of them had this uncomfortable feeling or guilt or confusion when they first started to do it may be at late childhood /early teens.
because thier hearts were pure at that time....a childs heart is pure usually(you might think im being a little too optimistic here but belive me,alot of them are,,,and if fate gave him a chance to know you better..spend more time with you...for example gets stuck with in some place for a few weeks and you 2 get to know each other more.belive me....they will come back to thier senses and feel like assholes,it will change thier life forever.and yours might have certain pre-established ideas and stererotypes about certain types of people,lets say bedwins,or people that wear thobes,or even sa7awis(bold one ).
f you are put in the right circumstances,you will float through the barriers and grasp the other edges center.and you will be electrified by it,detached from your own center ,floating aimlessly in space not being pulled by any ideological or social power.the only power that your going to feel is the power within you,the power that comes as impulses synchronized with your heartbeats.(sounds gay i know :S.)this experiment created a new breed ...i can say it could be like...former enemies, proton and have became neutral protons..with no outside pressure,no friction,no polarism,no negative,no posotive,you dont try tp pull some1 to yourside,and no one can pull you to thier side,cuz your no going to respond to become a pole-less neutron :) your only center is yourself .)
anyway back to rabee3.some times its only the cartoons that make me buy a typical mainstream newspaper that most of its writers try to please eachother n every1 else by turning a blind eye to mistakes.... overdose of hypocracy can specially be seeb in the readers letters section.
so thanks to cartoons and a very very few good writers i have to spend about 10 riyals a week on newspapers.
heres another one of my favorites :)the eastern daeri(circular)road.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

About Graffiti,me&graffiti artists,ksa,and some other sh*t



they said:(Form of visual communication, usually illegal, involving the unauthorized marking of public space by an individual or group.)

well,this may not interest you .but personally i find it ....(what word should i use?Captivating?Cool?Charming?).and to be frank i wanted to be a graffiti artist ( still wanna) since i was a kid but i wouldnt use it on private property...but really...some walls had it coming
ever since i saw this HUUUUGGGEE graffiti in NYC on tv when i was a kid .
also when i bought jet set radio(a vedio game on dreamcast and Xbox).
for example,i can have this thought,emotion,or this overwhelming impulse in your heart about something.but when its gone....thats it...its dead
that made me think about recording it instead of wasting it away.
i could use poetry, or just write it down or draw it.i could make it make it private so i can remember that emotion whether it was love,hate,happiness,grief,respect,grudge or whatever.
or....paying homage to some1 :) (look below ;) )

gangsta to the end ^^
or i can make it puplic so i could transmit that emotion to other people.
like minded people will get it right,and different people will get different messages.
other poeple may have other reasons to do graffiti.

by the way the word graffiti is taken from the italian word graffio wich means scratch or scribble,it is a plural noun in Italian. In English graffiti is far more common than the singular form graffito and is mainly used as a singular noun.

of course i saw some tasteless graffitis here n there but everything has good n bad in not sure about the way im supposed to classify graffiti in saudi arabia....actually i dont think that i can call it graffiti in the first place.

they are usually pretedermined into three categories
1-older guy writing love letters for a younger guy(ابو حسين عاشق الزين)...or very rarely..a girl(i know..-_-' i thought wtf? too)
2-taf7ee6 mottos.(يا لومينا هدي ويا كامري ادي)lol(i love taf7ee6 but i hate most of the mf76een,i just thank god i met some decent ones before i die,al dnea lessa b'7eer :D ).
3-football,i think that almost every1 in this country seen a trash can with the writing (فندق النصر) or something similar to this on it :S`.
any way at least they r expressing thier selves(even though in here they tend to do it on other peoples walls,and not abandoned or alley walls but brand new walls of other peoples houses).

but still my toungue paralyzes every time i try to call it art,i mean really ....the mere thought of comparison is awfully ridiculous.take this for example...i know at least one graffiti artist that will commit suicide when he sees this :x .

i met some graffii artist abroad and i saw them working...they really but efforts in it and they seem like creatve people to me,sure some of them are over-tattoed and use too many shizits when talking and being bihzad but at least they create something good..not to mention that thier tattoos are so fu*king cool,and to be frank the way they were talking to me n took me in a tour in thier nighbourhoods to (educate,yup,thats the word they used :D)about thier hobby was more accepting and friendly to me than some of the people i know in here and unfortunately some of them are family members and know me very well but still judge me for having this haircut or hanging out with that person or thinking about this idea etc etc etc....the list goes on and it can fill a whole blogger,but anyway,the point is....even though many people cosider them childish or freaky..they didnt seem like that to me on the contrary,they seemd very nonjudjng people to me...i mean its enough for me that when they told them that im saudi they didnt give me the treatment the i usually get from the rednecks or some of the evanglical extremists.
i hope the day when i see saudi graffiti atists come soon(without the mohawks i hope :) )
heres one of my favoritesfrom buenes aires

it says(tenderness can be mean sometimes) true :D.

montreal...i even got to touch this one n when i surfed the net i got this pic of it.what r the odds? :P

and heres a special little thing i came across,i found out later that it was done by some turkish group. O_o i wonder if they did it because they got bored in the middle of 3omrah or something.

:D cya,and remember,1 spray can is only 5 sr.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

wasted m7shesh wtf?LOL

okay this is an sms that one retard sent me yesterday,wasted bastard :) got me literally rolling on tje floor laughing:






what is this? you say?

thats your A**hole when you get excited

loool...i got it the moment i saw it,,,maybe because i know what kind of m7shesh he is.
3 words pal
.........peace n love n sh*t.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

The good and bad,with or against us,the chosen people syndrome.....and tribalism

ribalism does exist in this country but it has disappeard from many tribes due to the social transformation and some people have replaced it with regionalism but....
everything has +ve points and -ve points
there is nothing such as absolute evil or absolute good and between the back and white there is more than 1000000 diffirent shades of greyness.
what is the the diffirence between people who dont accept this and see only 2 absoulute opposites and nothing in between and an extreme self rightous hayah man who thinks that the shiekh he follows is prophet-like and everything he said came freshly from the divine will or a president who thinks that god talked to him and orderd him to send his troops across the globe to destroy evil.
ithink that all of the above have what could be called (chosen people syndrome).
tribalism now means alot of ugly things such as racism (between divisions of the same race and not necessarily between a race and another),was6ah for members of the same tribe,forced arranged marriges and creating -ve stereotypes about members of other tribes.
but it also means right now to some people or it meant once upon a time to others sharing the littile food you have with your tribe member cuz hes a part of family.sharing your tent happily with other tribe members if they were kicked out of thier lands whether by other tribes or the ottoman turks or the british colonial army(in past times)or from the gulf wars even if you didnt have enough money that encourages you to do charity you have a feeling of solitude towards other tribe members and now youhave 2 reasons that are enough to do charity even if one of these reasons is not enough.
it also helped creating diffirent unique subcultures ,diffirent tribes have diffirent accents ,words ,looks,traditions,foods and calligraphy to mention a few,you can see this in the diffirent subcultures of china and other countries.
so it can mean cultural diverstiy which can be very beautiful and colorful in the same way that it can be ugly and destructive and it is up to us to decide which one to choose just as it is up to us to change what we dont like in this country instead of taking the nearest chance to immigrate like pussys(i mean the cats not the other pussys...i dont think women are cowards we have many shining examples of female bravery in our culture whether the islamic figures or the normal common figures but alas they have been rewritten by the winners,the winners write the history to thier liking and for out bad lack the most recent winners in this country were arrogant male chauvinists ^_^ )
if we dont change the wrongs in our society nobody will,we can fight like decent people or take the easy chickensh*t way and run to some other country and amuse the people in there with how our country sucks ass.then what? they will respect niether and im going to take my chances and say theyr not going to do something about it and if they did it wont be out of good will and if they did out of good will then we wont be deserving the lifestyle we have because......we didnt pay the price for it...we didnt fight for it...we didnt create it.

so after all this long lecture the question is:
should we fight tribalism All forms and shades of tribalism and cancel it completly and call any one who speaks of tribalism generally without referring to the(good) or (bad) type a backward igonorant bedwin?
the answers of each individual of YOU...the saudi people...determines that.