Thursday, February 08, 2007

Sh*t i got tagged XD by KGB

yaaaaaay i got tagged by Kgb
XXXDDD, i knew that i was gonna be you ,my first commentor XDD.
sorry i had to delay this but i was discovering my ineer soul lately n i learned a few things about myself,not good things but anyyy waaay
the thing is,that i already knew that i get these phases where every month or so i operate in a certain mental state(the commercial for"always with wings" just popped in my head...dont ask )but.....
whay i didnt know is that i can go into an intersective phase,,an unorganized mixture of diffirent phases,,,kinda like a bowel of salad.

it was .......realle really really disturbing,glad that it ended last monday.
the good thing is that it was like a quick revesion for some of the old phases and i think that this revesion has opened a door for totally new phases to start.

ok maybe i need therapy,,may be not? may be i just have a yearning mind....nah i just need therapy.

im just a guy that dosent supresses his impulses,,,i did that long enough before and now i cant do it even if i wanted to.

Whooooooooo hoooooooooo time to blabber about myself :D.

this list is not comprehensive,and since im a very unstable person(as hinted by the above "phase" shit) the list may change completly if u ask me about it seconds after writing it but goes nothing XD.

watashi no Happy listo:

1-the usual boring shit.,,my family bla bla mom bla bla dad bla bla little fa93ah baby bro bla and so on and so you guys :D.

2-Traveling throughout the planet XD.

3-NIHON ,XXXXDDDDDD aishite iru yo (Japan , i LOVE you).

4-walking a LOT,running,my baseball bat,the gym(all fall under (sports) so im not cheating in here hehheh)

5-Fighting and trash talking people who i think deserve some ass whooping shit,

this one is associated with my new phase...the BADASS phase ,i hope it ends soon since im not that kinda guy but what scares me is that i really like it,,,especially when its someasshole bullying some1 weaker than him i just keep a high profile near him Wishing that the muthafuka gives me the excuse that i need,,,gives me the chills and the highs when im kicking some butt HELL YEAH PUNK (mt7mes shway '7thoony 3la gd 3gly)
i hope that im not past the point of no return in this phase x_x.

6- ok many people find this1 weird,but i like riddels(the cool ones),detective conan(the glorious uncut japanese series of course),and digging in my own past and my roots(i already knew that i have a sheban ancestory but i didnt know that some distant relatives of mine have old people that can speak sheban)
and im not cheating here :D all the above can be labeled as (looking for the truth).

7-MOTORBIKES XDXDXDXD harley davidson n suzuki are my favourites..gonna get one of those muthafukas someday....i wanna be a daredevil (okay now im cheating).

8-MAsterpieces of any kind,,,,could be a person(not gonna say heheh),a tv series(prison break XD)im also an anime freak :P,an object(definetly not the fugly monalisa) or....u get the picture.

9- highly intellectual people who arent snob's and dont look down on you f ur dummer than them,,(great opretunity for an easy jump).oh yeah and foregners or people with diffirent interests or culture than mine,,this includes gay people as long as there is no cherry popping involved or any similar activity from my part :D.
(yes im "semi-cheating", but all of the above goes under the category (people im interested in).....adry ma95tha bel cheating heheh.

10-My computer n vedio games,(GTA,Finalfantasy7&8 r my favs,zalda,medal of honor etc)
11-music,,Rock, and my Guitar,,,all i need is to find a teacher to teach me how to play the damn thing.

12-being doctor in any respectable hostpital as long as it dosent have psychotich m38adeen people with agenda being incharge.

13-girls who are a-smart and deep intellects b-happy and love life c- independant.
i hope to see more of those on the girls arent bad either hehe.

14- leather(mentioning this1 right after the girls is totally innocent)

15- being a thin bastard,extra weight affects everything i do negatively(and i have no fuking idea how it happens but good things keep happening to me as long as my weight is below 59 kg)

16-looking younger than my age(its one of Love-Hate things)


watashi no hatu listo(my hate list,oh your propaply wondering about this shit im typing but i speak alittle japanese,,so da, nihongo o sukochi hanashimasu XD.

1-Rude,intolerant,self-rightous,racist Motherfuckers.
2-Rude,intolerant,self-rightous,racist Motherfuckers who have powerful jops or who are my superiors
3-people who support or justify the rudness intolerance racism or feed the ego of/or Rude,intolerant,self-rightous,racist Motherfuckers.

4-using the name of god and the prophet to justify Rude,intolerant,self-rightous,racist Motherfuckers.

5-Rude,intolerant,self-rightous,racist Motherfuckers who happen to me women(GOD i hate those bitches)

6-Men in general.....especially middle aged men and some of those who are older than 25.

7-snotty little kids,and the idea of having kids(insert scary music in here) x_x.

8-Snobby people

9-ignorant wa6aniyeen ppl who dont know what they are wa6niyeen about and people who hate thier own people for no other reason than being thier own people

10-murabba n peanut butter ,,,,nothing personal between me n them we just dont get along.

11-my intersective phases.

12- gaining weight

13-a tyipical Riyadh (guys night out)ie: getting stuck in the traffic of ta7liah street for a couple of hours then grab aburger n go back home.

14-me when i bitch n whine about the things i hate

ok i better stop here before my blog sucks all of the WWW's accomodational capacity.

now im gonna take a cold shower maybe that would make the badass phase go away.


Blogger KGB agent said...

LOOOOOOL lazem sh*t ya3ney bil subject? XXXXD
ye9 ye9 it was my opportunity to TAG you =)
loool @ discovering ur ineer soul
watch Mariam Nour with mom MAN XD she might help XX)
LOL (phases every month) so u PMS too XXXD hahaaa "always with wings" u said it.. so ur the girl illy 3al mrje7a wearing pink o acting silly ! *laughs like ur m7ashesh friend* I HATE HER -_-
if i was gonna make a commercial for "always with wings" i'd bring this Toyota car (illy feeha 7o'9 mn wara) drove by a hot girl in a race n she passes all the other sport cars o tf7ee6 o 7osa "of course there'd be a black lamborghini spider XD" then she pops off the mdarde3a toyota o tnfi'9 her 8mee9 with the ego look.. she takes her money n the lamb OF COURSE XD n leave.. "im7a8 tf8eesh ya shai5" 0_o anyway.. at the end a76 line y8ool "Always.. give you winnnnngs" xxxD silly i know! but it's still better than their silly stupid commercials ^^ right! (a7is inny t7mmast shway XD)

u dun need therapy we all went through these "phases" XD

watashi!!? o_0
the happeh lis6o: (my way or the highway young man) LOL
1- awww cute!! allah y7f'6kom lba3'9 bla bla ^^

2- LOL u mean by planet KSA right? XD
or ur superman o 7enna ma ndry X) to be honest!! i'm planing to go to Venus on my next vication X3

3- have u ever been there? it's amazing X) I haven't.. shooot u gotta watch The Fast and the Furious "Tokyo Drift" then

4- so ur really slim n healthy.. good good.. Nooooo ur not cheating X)

5- Fighting!! maybe i should stay the hell away from you when u come with the gang ^^

LOOOOOOOL @ the BADASS phase XXXD i feel yah!! liked ur Strategy.. it's the best thing to do.. what really upsets me is when i get "the BADASS phase" i don't find anyone around to kick their ass OR any1 who deserves to -_- which it sucks! guess u have many azzholes at work X)

6- ah GOD BLESS detective conan bas XXX) he was my FIRST love *sniffing* u watch the japanese series!! with subtitles right? i have conan also on a playstation game.. i couldn't finish wala 7tta rob3ah X) it was all in japanese n i was like "o_0 huh?! what did they say? WHAT'S HAPPENING" XD
speak sheban?? what's that 0_o
Noooo NeoooOOOoooooo ur not cheating at all X)no one does.. aham shay il truth LOL

7- Hayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa MOTORBIKES XXXD that's so damn right in the happy lis6o ^^ motorbikes turn me on X)lol bas 3ad mo il harley illy b GTA la la LOOOL maybe zay illy b Dark Angel :*
motoHbike + leather jaket + kash5a sun glasses = the third world war XXXXD

8- okay u gotta download ALIAS.. i dun care if she looked like some1 in ur 7arah when u were a kid XD she's just P.E.R.F.E.C.T lol
i wanna watch preson break az3jona feeh X) is it that good! if it isn't then i'll kick ur ass XD

9- i agree with you 100%..
who said that ur cheating here ^^? ur not!!
OKAY UR CHEATING.. f'9a7t nafsik X)

10- GTA ROCKS.. also METAL GEAR "solid snake" 1 and 3 o crash ba3ad XD

11- loooool @ the Guitar thingy X)
okay u should play a song abt the real KGB agents XD i dunno why.. i think i'm m7shesha now X)
u can buy some CDs that teachs u to play this damn thing ^^ o fee b some sites too..

12- EVERY place u go u'll find m38adeen nkdeyeen ppl -_- it's a FACT

13- LOL A~MEEN ^^ also the same thing goes for guys.. =) i thought guys like dumb beautiful girls X)

14- HELL YEAH lol..

15- heheee true XD weight do effect!!
so ur weight is below 59 kg? 0_0 ur so damn thin X) guess ur not one of those tall Creature XX)

16- well.. ppl say that i look older than my age X) they always think that i'm older than my sister while she's 9-10 years older than me X\ maybe it has sth with the tall issue

17- Hmmm depends.. it's gd to love such a things -_-.. ur 7anoon mashallah =)

ha6e lis6o: okay TRANSLATE GOD DAMNIT XD.. wsho tha "so da, nihongo o sukochi hanashimasu"???
LOL tara a6alle3 7arrty feek bil Italian XD *says to her self malat bas nsait most of it*
*after a few seconds of thinking and thinking she realized that she forgot the WHOLE shit except the sabb words XXXD*
1- yup!
2- -_-
3- 9a7 lsanik -_-
4- YEAAAAH THAT'S WHAT PISS ME OFF THE MOST.. i duno why i didn't mition it in my hate lis6o :S
5- EH EH.. indeed *pops in her mind flashbacks of her teachers at the 7okomy schools o the private one b3ad -____________-* god i dunno how many times i dreamed of the day when i get back n kick their ass really HARD.. but they're not worth it...
6- GOOOD i hate them toooo XXXD especially the middle aged men they're just a bunch of teenagers X) the best age i think is between 25-37..
7- dan dan DANDAAAAAAAAAAAAN... aaaaaaaaa3 XXXX| *voice of a woman screams from an old movie*
8- they r MANY in my life.. that's probably why i wanna start smoking -_- GET A LIFE PPL!!
9- true true TRUE 0_0 like what happened here fee il youm il wa6any :S one word "SILLY"
10- X(
12- X|
13- looooooooooooool XD
14- no plz keep bitching X).. i'm in SO mood to bitch abt things

*phew* long commento =)
LAMO u should get a warm shower (don't forget to use the shower jel it makes wonders to the BADASS phases) or u can just sit in the jacuzzi X) *t7mmast*
thanx DE for doin the tag thingy.. I LOVED IT.. mashallah u write LONG posts i've never liked to read long posts but urs r fun to read n SO DAMN FUCK*N HILARIOUS.. u know! u should publish a book or something oneday X)

belated n3eeman LOL =)

3:49 PM  
Blogger KGB agent said...

wow my comment shaklah y5awef X)
u better get ur self a panadol b4 readin it XD

Gd NiGhT <3

3:51 PM  
Blogger DemonEyesSan said...

WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO another longo commento XD
LOL@ PMS ya bent dont remind me about the shitty round im in.
mariam nour?isnt that the old hag who said that all food bring cancer?
she was responsipole of my moms embargo with pepsi for a whole 3 months when i was in junior high,,that period really sucked azz i was 1 cm away from having a seizure.

ok now you insult me,that m7shesh is NOT my friend i just eat my meals and hangout with that lowlife thats all.

LOOOOL i like your commercial better,if i was agirl n saw this commercial id buy always XD.

LOL ok then lis60 it is :).
2- LOOOOOL no i mean planet earth,thank god we got planes who needs superman? XD geek at a moment n a superhero n the other.

3-yup i watched it XD,,,,i just wished f they hired japs to pose as japs instead of hiring american-chinese ,i mean some people can actually tell the diffirence goddamit,,,aside than that the movie KICKED ASS XD.

no i havent been there but i plan to someday,,maybe very soon im even learning the language right now(self teaching so its going pretty slow).

4- yeah not that slim thogh but i dunno ppl keep making comments
im 170-171 cm thats b/w 5,8 n 5.9 feet and ,y wt ranges b/w 55-60 kg
(usally below 57 unless i got exams or having a really tough time with whatever.)
5-LOOOOOOOOL no no im not that gangster type, i go solo XD,gangs are troublesome they keep asking you to do them favors and watch thier back sometimes not to think outside thier tight circle or do something (socially unaccebtable) ,,,,:) the thing has too many shackles in it unless u find the right gang.

LOL you should use my strategy its effective but be prepeared XD.

yeah there are some assholes at work but i cant do anything to them so i take it on the assholes outside the hospital,,2 days ago i had a fight with some1 in our 7arah distributing booklets about what (the sleazy med students in kkuh do to to our 7reem in the mysterious wards of the hospitals) and brought some articles written from the sa7at website n other shit,,,

i mean here we work our assess off ,put up with thier shit in the hospital and give away our freedoms and even put up with the shit of the vice dean about(foreign haircuts,sfoor for female students etc etc) n thats what we get

GRRRRR im pissed again now,any way i went to the muthafuka n said in a very calm voice (brother, thats not true we respect every1 in the hospital even if they dont respect us)

but noooohoooohooo he blocks his ears and decides to comment on the few strands of hair that appear from behind my cap and called me a 3lmani ......
i mean thats 8athf right? i can drag his bedouin ass to court for that but the honorable (muslims) around refused to testify so i had no choice but to tear that poster that he sticked on the mosque's wall and suddenly before i know he grabbed me and ,tadaaaa we got a fight...

anyway i dont want to bore you with the rest of testosterone filled details so im gonna move on..

6-LOL @ first love....ye9 ye9 with subtitles im not that good in japanese,,especially with the language used in conan.

umm sheban is the language of the kingdom of sheba, since im 3ajmi and even though we are spread in najd ,kuwait ,uae,and the eastern province we trace all the way back to sheba .
7- LOL i hate GTA's harely too
thumbs up for the leather jacket n sun glasses

8- okay ill watch alias if u promise to watch prison break XDDD
and noooo neooo u wont regret it.

11-i have some websites but i need commitment, besides i want to hear what a music teacher that loves music would say ,,,,,to cut it short ,,,,inspiration.

12-yup ,the bitter truth
13-LOL well beatiful is nice ,,its the dumb part that i hate,,,i mean its really nice to know that there girls that arent diseased with the cattle syndrome.

most of the girls i know have little faith in themselves

either airheads filled with nancy 3ajrams n 3a6i el7allani's songs and worry in a psychotic way about what society thinks.,,,,you know,,,,the (som3ah)....or (wesh ygoloon alnass) bla bla stupidness bla bla.

or girls that hate the (shbaab) and consider them the scum of the theyr not lesbians but theyr the type that would ask a shie5 if its 7lal to keep the lights on when having sex with her husband or not,,,,

15-nah im 5.8 sth ..between 170 and 171 which is average ,,,i shouldhave been taller but i took chemothrapy regimen in the midset of my growth spur (from the age of 14-15) treating from a lymphoma.....besides mom never breasfed me lol(wesh da5al they)

oh well at least im taller than my parents.

16-LOL so ur 1 of those amazon women =) mommy took good care of you :).

17- not really im not that 7noon but u should see them coming from thier mothers vagina and the obstetrician holding them in the air after delivery i always hear a
(ebinyama eng wi mabana, ebinyama eng wi mabana) --the song when the chimp lifted simba in the lion king cartoon---

,,,just the thrill of seeing a new poor bastard coming to life :).

lol it means (thats righ,i speak a lil japanese)

u gotta teach me to curse in italian on of those days.

5-lol yeah exactly the kind of bitches im talking about.

7-LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL may be youd like to be a sound effect technechian.

nooooo dont smoke its bad for ur health......unless it pot then its ok XD.

i took ur advise it works =) ........temporarily X(.

so u like my long posts? hahahah of course u like them how could u resist the posts of a genius(kbr rasi lol)

yup,,,i bet ill make a SHITload of money if my book dosent get banned lol.
blated jamee3an :)

4:57 PM  
Blogger KGB agent said...

loooool @ mariam nour.. yup that's her X)
4- i thought 175 cm = 5 '9' :S if u were 171 then ur 5 '7' right?
anyway i'm taller than yew XD MUAHAHAHA.. I dun know why I’m laughing -_-

okay now i'm pissed off for that story u told me about -_- i mean WTF??? o_0 wsh ybee thaaa :S
how come he called u 3lmani n no one agreed to testify in court 0_o
that sucks man x| thumps up for u ;).. hope u kicked his bedouin nasty ass hard coz he deserved it.. no no nooo continueee please what happened after? X) i wanna know LOL..

thanx for explaining the word "sheban" X) now i get it..

8- btw i'm watching Prison Break these days on MBC action X) and maaaaan IT ROCKS.. now u gotta start watchin Alias n lets see if ur gonna like it or no6 ;) “Lost” is a good show too.. but not as gd as P.B. nor Alias

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL @ "the type that would ask a shie5 if its 7lal to keep the lights on when having sex with her husband or not" XXXD
that's hilarious.. but so true, i know what ur talkin about +D ya kithr'hin

15- oh u had chemotherapy when u were just 15 0_0!!!? sorry to hear that.. i'm shocked i dunno what to say but il7amdillah that ur fine n healthy now.. that's what it all matters :)

16- LOL well yeah mom breastfed me for a whole 6 months X) lol

17- LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL @ "the song when the chimp lifted simba in the lion king cartoon"
maaan i laughed my ass off when i imagined that XXXD u remind me of Scrubs when they start imagining voices n things XD i love lion king.. also Toy Story XD buzz y6eer <3

neoooo i dun speak italian dun get me wrong.. malat i used to know the basics but i forgot most of it except the cursing words X) I’ll teach u oneday ^^

so genius.. have fun n take care! ;)
n update soon ok! X)

3:18 PM  
Blogger KGB agent said...


marra m'3abbir XD
i'm wai6ing 6ara -_-
u ok? lol
i'm just bein worried X)

2:06 PM  
Blogger KGB agent said...

where are you man? :(

4:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

its me DE.

im ok thank god.

i never thought that ill be able to be here again. thank god oooooooooo im so happy to be back.

10:01 PM  
Anonymous DemonEyes said...

im sorry i really wanted to update but it was something byond my control that was holding me back.

10:08 PM  
Blogger taxitalk said...

transvestite blog Yeah lady dudes can' be weird but they are humans just like you and me in Toronto or Saudi what a world

5:26 AM  
Blogger 5alid said...

hey hey hey
I didn't read this post I just came to say hi...and I noticed you stopped posting here, I lknow u r a medical student and u barelly have the time, but I really wish you come back with different stories to tell like the pumping chairy :p

I hope u still remember me my friend :)

1:46 PM  
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