Tuesday, January 09, 2007

homo-bi sexuality,gender benders,the hair,the thobe,the jeans...the contraindications....and of course,some other sh*t

some of you wont like this post,i made it clear in the topic above so read no further if you are offended by this.
but i have to write about this,as a guy in riyadh,or najd generally,because it happens alot more than you think.

i have been seeing it since i was 10,maybe before,many kids talk about it as if it was the natural standard of thier sexual orientation.
and since then it never stopped,i have to hear about it (or sometimes see the
action,light and sometimes heavy action) at least every week.
and i know many people do encounter that alot,at least by conversation and talk.

and what suprises me that there are alot of females in here that dont know niether the true extent of this phenomena nor how common it is.
well,lets start by some of the universal definitions for some of the words concerning the topic.

top:the giver :S bottom:the reciver :x both:well,both of them x_x'
shemale/transgender:dude becomes a dudette after taking estrogens(he thinks that he is a female from inside).
transvestite:same as above,but no estrogens(this means his body n facial hair do not fall down,he dosent grow boobs n he dosent develop female fat distribution ,all this in contrast to the transgender which much resembles a female from the outside.

well, in riyadh,especially in the traditional and lower income nieghbourhoods in the south of the city,you are more likely to see the first three kinds.

there is no puplic word for a top,people rarely use this word,people just consider him a (man) or (fa7l)
the usual common word for a bottom is ('7neeth),(mbasbes)is used sometimes but most commonly they use i for people who do (unmanly)things even though they didnt reach the stage of a '7neeth in thier point of view,

these (unmanly things)could inculde :

-wearing a jeans or growing long hair(to the more (civilised)of them it becomes wearing a jeans without having dark skin and speaking in the certian (manly) accent,or grwoing hair without having a thick hairy mustache or saksooka+not having a dark skin).

-talking with a '7neeth without molesting him and humiliating him the way (fa7ls)do.either molest him and stick a few fingers in his a** or you are a '7neeth with no manhood(wallah 7alah :/ )

-walking down the street without a car,they think (why is he walking when he has a car?he must be a '7neeth wanting some1 to pick him up!! lets go and try our luck with him :S

-not wearing a thobe is enough to be a considerd a '7neeth in some parts of najd.
most people dont belive in thier hearts that what a (fa7l) does is outragous.even if a small portion of the people say that they dont react to is actions the same way they react to the bottom,the '7neeth ,the one who didnt accept the blessing of manhood in thier point of view
to them,it is a matter of glorified masculinity against humiliting femninity for them more than it is a matter of a religouse offence.
thats why (fa7ls) can get married after repenting thier actions(and even without repenting) and they dont get thier rep screwd up the way ('7neeths)do.

as for the bottom,some just like it from the back door with retaining thier masculine behaviour while others like to be feminine and someday the might become tansgenders .

i tried to understand those people,but every time i end in a roadblock,i have a feeling that i will never understand why all of the above types do what they do.

as for the shemales,i saw some of them abroad(even conversed with some)...i dont know why i get into stupid situations ,i will mention them in my next post.

in the end i would like to mention,again, that alot of people get discriminated against by calling them gay just because they dont wear thobes or because they dress diffirent,thats why those people isolate themselves with like minded people and think that every1 else is a retarded mota'7allef asshole.
while the others isolate themselves in fear of being called gay if they befriend the (jeans wearing m'7aneeth)
and we end up with 2 enemies that dont tolerate eachother in one society.

if you ask me,i dont want any1 to win(even though its obvious that the (mot'7allef assholes) have won over the (jeans wearing m'7aneeth) in the najd region)

i want them to tolerate and accept each other, or at least, not to be harassed by either of them when i wear a thobe or wear a jeans.

grow up already

mature,,,,,say bye bye to that childish over or unde horomoned phase of your life and get over those pre generated ideas about others.
in the end your all the same whether you liked it or not.
you cant just wave your magic wand and make them fade away so either exterminate them all,which is not a civilised option,or try living with them.

really ,walla some people in this town have seriuos issues. :S


Blogger KGB agent said...

LOOOL aham shay "some other sh*t" XD

trust me i know how common it is...
okay now i have some new informations about this sh*t XD like "mbasbes" :S
ok i was shocked of the "unmanly things" u mintioned... like #2 :SSS
R U SERIOUS? eah walla 7alah x_x
okay now i feel bad for "'7aneeths"
i didn't know that if a guy wears jeans they'll think he's gay :S
5aiiiir.. n i don't blame them for thinking about everyone else as a retarded mota'7allef asshole -_-

about the mature part.. *sigh*
la tita3eb 7alik.. they'll never change n if they did it will be as slow as a turtle in slow motion

like always, great post.. i've learned alot about this sh*t Dr. DE ;)lol
but u know.. nfs il 7alah with females too and more.. the hair, the walk, the talk and ofcourse SOME OTHER SH*T.. XD if u don't know.. u'll be shocked 4 how extent it is now.. maybe even more than it is with gay ppl..

keep posting Dr. ^^

4:08 PM  
Blogger DemonEyes said...

lol shit like this gotta have (some shit) in it lol .
#2, lol yeah i once got called (3neen) ie: a guy with no libido..just cuz i didnt do that...they think its normal to get attracted to those people even though they hate them and try everything they can to humilite them,,,,very mtna8'9 people.
3-happens to me alot(mr sportsman hehehh).
about the jeans,,,you wouldnt know if you are in a shoppng mall or a resturant cuz such people arent allowed in there,they spend thier thursdays and wednesdays as groups in cars and go in circles all over 3lya while listening to music,throw a few numbers on this girl or that kid(wer3) and when its past midnight grab something to eat n go home.
20 minutes of walking on the street while provided that u r not wearing a thobe are more than enough to make people like them wonder about that crazy guy that uses his legs why he has a car then they think.
WHYYY does he do that.
then thier brains get overloaded so they decide to stop the tiring process of thinking and say the magic word that cancels thier minds.
oh hes just '7neeth.
lol i hear alot bout saudi females and i even got to see afew of them.(they seem to go after my sis wherever she goes:S the miskeenah).
in the end i dont care f some chick wants to be a rooster o if some dude likes it from the back door.
i dont really care about other people sexual tendencies as long as they dont force them on some1 who dosent share these tendencies with them.

you are right ,but i wont give up on the few mature and mature -to-be people.
because someday,they will be leaders of change.
and im glad u liked my post^^. to be frank with u i thought that no1 is going to comment on this1 but i wanted to post it anyway:).

4:29 PM  
Blogger KGB agent said...

:SSSSSSSSS @ #2 WTF? i didn know that x_x

"wonder about that crazy guy that uses his legs... WHYYY does he do that " XXD i mean, HAH? CRAZY? o_0
wallah they r really retarded mota'7allefean assholes.. -_-
their minds mcanclah mn zman..
bil3ax keep walking 6z feahom.. mo5 m9deeeeeeee kateeer X| << indians rocks XD

LOL @ ur sis.. XD sorry XD

yeah.. neiter do I.. it's their personal life =)

again, LIKED ur post ;)

11:39 AM  
Anonymous Nessa said...

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4:56 PM  
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