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LOOOL,rabee3,cartoons ,polarism,n some other sh*t

LOOOOOOOL, bullseye rabee3 my man.capture the moment...put them in front of the mirror,and show them how ugly they can be XD... this is one ugly truth.
i dunno whats wrong with me, i used to get annoyd when i see things like this,but i got tired of getting annoyd and im sure many of you dont give a fuck anymore either.,its dark comedy time,its one of the best ways to polish our mirror from the dust of self-rightiousness so we can see our image more clearly.
now i didnt bring this up as a regurgitation of the (self-whipping) attitude.
self whipping will do no good,it will just raise your blood pressure up.
what i would do is:
1-this kind of attitude is a fact ,and it wont change soon
2-I dont have to accept it,but ill have to deal with it,i dont have to confront it... rather absorb it(unless they really ask for a confrontation)
3-dont hold grudge,its just the way they were taught.they have been under exposure of the wrong ideas for too long that they dont even remember that it is wrong anymore,im sure if expose them to diffirent concepts in the same amount that have accumelated in thier minds over the years they will rethink thier actions,but its hard to do that since they had alife time accumlating these thoughts .
alot of them feels uneasy about it when they are first taught to do it,by friends or by society.some might have a hard time beliving it but these guys arent pure evil.for sure many of them had this uncomfortable feeling or guilt or confusion when they first started to do it may be at late childhood /early teens.
because thier hearts were pure at that time....a childs heart is pure usually(you might think im being a little too optimistic here but belive me,alot of them are,,,and if fate gave him a chance to know you better..spend more time with you...for example gets stuck with in some place for a few weeks and you 2 get to know each other more.belive me....they will come back to thier senses and feel like assholes,it will change thier life forever.and yours might have certain pre-established ideas and stererotypes about certain types of people,lets say bedwins,or people that wear thobes,or even sa7awis(bold one ).
f you are put in the right circumstances,you will float through the barriers and grasp the other edges center.and you will be electrified by it,detached from your own center ,floating aimlessly in space not being pulled by any ideological or social power.the only power that your going to feel is the power within you,the power that comes as impulses synchronized with your heartbeats.(sounds gay i know :S.)this experiment created a new breed ...i can say it could be like...former enemies, proton and have became neutral protons..with no outside pressure,no friction,no polarism,no negative,no posotive,you dont try tp pull some1 to yourside,and no one can pull you to thier side,cuz your no going to respond to become a pole-less neutron :) your only center is yourself .)
anyway back to rabee3.some times its only the cartoons that make me buy a typical mainstream newspaper that most of its writers try to please eachother n every1 else by turning a blind eye to mistakes.... overdose of hypocracy can specially be seeb in the readers letters section.
so thanks to cartoons and a very very few good writers i have to spend about 10 riyals a week on newspapers.
heres another one of my favorites :)the eastern daeri(circular)road.


Blogger Black Orchid said...

eww marra ygarfooni guys elli btinge6i3 their necks mn kithr ma yetlaffatoun :S
once my sisters were out Oo this guy was staring at them zay kitha "O_O" and his car was moving very slowly beside our car Oo faj2a BOOOOOM he hit the car infront of him Oo marra tfashaaaal
my sister were like ahahahahahahah
A7SAN! he deserved that! :P

11:20 AM  
Blogger KGB agent said...

that story reminded of my sister when we were out with our cousins n there was this GMS car n there was a guy staring at ours hatha o hey m'6lala.. my sis said "shhhh there's '9b next to us", n she didn't move at all, n i was like where WHERE 0_o? n she said "the next car -_-, n his eyes is red" n i freaked out yoummah where it is i can't see any '9bb nearby.. n i was sitting at the back of the car, n my cousin realized what she was talking about n fell on the ground laughing n laughing then she said 9ad8a 0_0.. then i turned looking at the car next to us n i saw this guy TOTALLY la98 his face bil window looking at our car to see if there's any girls n there n his eyes were RED 0_0 like m7shesh.. he looked like so damn funny...
LOL then i realized what did she mean by '9bb o_0 ..
nice expression.. jabat ha hehe...

2:55 PM  
Blogger DemonEyes said...

black orchid:
loooooool that guy is miskeen may be he was lost on some island and never seen women before.
but i feel really sorry for him,its not enough that he had to pay for his action from his dignity but he also had to pay mony too for that car,poor thin ^^.
kgb agent :
loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool @
'6b, i didnt know that women use that word too.
btw he might be really m7shesh,f u want to confirm that u might want to take a look at his az*hole(>_> ble5)this is riyadh you know ^_^

11:43 PM  
Blogger sexy cow said...

i scanned ur post o -what the hell is s/he talking about?!- was the only thing going through my mind.
i'll try reading it tomorrow.
((i know, this is pointless bs i just felt like commenting))

11:59 AM  
Blogger Ali said...

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11:18 AM  
Blogger 5alid said...

LOOOOL (sexy cow) thank god mo bs ana
la b9ara7ah im really Impressed the way u talk is so man6e8yah bs do u really think they can get back to the little pure heart!! cuz i don`t think so ,u will need to change all his friends to make that big Different.

انا اعتقد ان المسألة كلها تعتمد على الاهل اذا كان الأهل ينشئون ابناء وقادرين عل انهم يزرعون فيهم المبادئ الأساسية لهالأمور من بدري ويشجعونه عليها فراح ينتج انسان عاقل جدا وبناء وراح تشوف جيل كامل على هالشكل لكن اذا الاهل مهملين الولد وينتظرونه يحن على السياره ويسلمونه المفاتيح هنا الغلطه
وبعدين المشكلة ماهي جالسة تتقلص جالسة تكون مجتمع كامل على هالتشكيله يعني توقع انه جيل كامل ينتج من هالنوعيه وكل هذا بسبب الجهل فلازم حل سريع لهالمشكلة لكن لا حياة لمن تنادي

بصراحة ردي ما ادري وش يبي لأني اصلا مواصل وانا ارد بس الموضوع جذبني وبقوة ومفروض كثير يسمعون عنه

ps: ur english 5yalyah i needed a dictionary 3shan astaw3eb :p mashallah o i would really like to hear more about this kind of subjects


10:17 PM  
Blogger DemonEyes said...

lol sorry sexycow n 5alid, i write spontaneously sometimes i even confuse my self,besides the post is filled with metaphor which i didnt expect to be understood by many people.
but if theres anything in particular that u want me to expliain then dont hesitate to tell me.
youll be suprised by how many are ready to change when they see some1 who challenges the rusty traditional behaviour,im notsaying that they are a majoroty,and frankly 1 person is enough for me.

bs mashallah 3leek wa3y even though your in you early teens,i agree with u the next genration will be divided by something close to 50/50.
both groups will be nearly equal in power,its interesting,i want to see the way its going to turn out.
:D hanks for the compliment...i hope that my vocabulary draws your attention away from my shitty spelling n typos .

9:57 PM  

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