Tuesday, January 09, 2007

weird Encounters.

yup,,,,,shes a dude.
i remember one of the doctors telling us that transexuals increase in the births of the first generation in a country after a war.

you guys i want to apologise about the language i use in my posts and remind you not to expect anything else in the next posts heheh :D.
here are a few situations ..like i said in the previous post

1-somewhere in toronto 11 pm outside a convenience store opposite to a bar.

me:WHAAAAAT? no pepsi??? are you shitting me?
shopowner: sorry buddy,if you want soda that bad why dont u try rootbeer.
me:NO NO NO,it has to be a pepsi after dinner.
shopowner:then try the bar on the other side.
me:*sigh* okay, goodnight.
*walks a cross the street*
O_O * feels an ominous stare from behind*.
*looks behind*

woman in early 20's:*staring*.
me:*blank expression on my face*
*ready to go inside*
--some1 taps on my sholder--
*looks behind again*
woman:do you have a light hun?
me:no sorry.
me:*silence*....a voice in my subcouncoius tells me something dosent fit in the picture in fron of me.

woman:i asked you a question.
me:..... i dont smoke.
woman : theres a first time for anything.
woman:*pulls out a cigarette*,want one?
me:no thanks,i have to go,excuse me.
woman:oh, so your one of those guys.
*goes inside the bar*
*walks towards the bartender*
bartender:no minors kid,get out.
me:your right,kids shouldnt drink.
bartender:okay then smartass,show me some ID.
me:there ya go :/.
bartender: O_O is this fake?you look at most 18 to me.
me:no,this is an authourized passport by the united nations and accepted by the canadian government :S,its your civil duty to call the police if you have any doubts.
bartender: ah the hell with it,what can i get for you?
me:pepsi,,n FAST. *having a headache*(withdrawal sypmtoms).
bartender:one pop drink coming up.
voice from behind:mmmm how about popping my cherry?
me:*looks behind*oh its just a guy i thought*.
ZEEEOOOOM(9oot tf7ee6 in my head) wtf? (it was a guy with a very misleading feminine voice)
- sorry dude im not what you think

guy in a dress:im a GIRL you meany.*walks away*
bartender:hey dont start trouble here young man.
me:im sorry but im not popping no cherry tonight besides im niether homo nor bisexual.

bartender:*sigh* buddy ,may be you should have another look around.
me:*looks around**men kissing,women dressed as men and vice versa*
*going into a vertigo*
talking to myself(calm down,nothing bizzare in here,other than being the only heterosexual in the surrounding 4 blocks,they are just people,,,calm down,,,its not like your first time seing people with diffirent sexual preferences,they are just people,not diffirent from you....sing a sutra and get a grip)
*center is back*
-sorry man,guess im in the wrong place,just gimme a can pepsi n ill be outta here
bartender:yes may be you should -_-
me:*graps the can* bye bye,have fun,n you ,good luck in finding some1 to pop your cherry.
*people laughing*
*goes outside the bar*
woman:hahahaha the look on your face,fucking priceless.
me:heheh yeah im sure you find this amusing.
woman:so your heterosexual eh?its hard to find those in this area.
me:*muffling while drinking the pepsi* yeah, i bet.
woman:so, are you free tonight?
me:you r looking for heterosexual men?
me:im not talking about myself here but.....i dont get it,how do expect a heterosexual to like you when u have this bulge in your skirt?

he/she:because im a woman
me:ok (ya leeeeeeeeeel).
woman:ok oboiusly your not interested.
me:yes ,sorry no offence,forgive me.
it was`nice meeting you,really , a new experience.
woman:lol yeah i bet you find this amusing.
me:ciao gotta hit hit the road.

2-in kuwait 8 pm,just outside the marina mall.

me:*walking whith my eyes in the sky and a tune ringing in my head(yaaay yaaaay jhonny rockets .....cant wait to eat.....at jhonny rockets....cant walk any further,,,before i taste thier hamburger)

*bluuuuunnnngggeee* -the sound of me pumping into something soft,i think it was a breast or something-.
me:sorry its my fault,sorry,im really sorry.
young (woman)(less than 2o yrs):8leel adab.
me:sorry again,my bad.im really sorry.
her:okay you can stop staring now.
me:*not suprised by what she said since she looked like an arrogant bitch to me*
*my hunch tells me something*
.......dont flatter your self,im not into short fat midgets.
her:*gasp* ya ibn el.....,7SEEEEEEEEN.
*something went wrong with her voice*
7seen:shfeeg 7abooba?
me:*interrupting them* umm ....is she a dude?
7seen:O_O, ,,, lw sma7t ma nby mshakel...yalla 7booba '7ally nmshy a7sn.
me:AHAH *thinking to my self *damn im good XD*

3-riyadh 11 someting,at a mcdonalds at t'76o6y street with m7shesh:
m7shesh:hey DE,look.
me half asleep hungry n bored to death:whaaaaaaaat?
m7shesh:look who just came in.
me:*droopy eyes*, a guy with a bad taste of fashion,so what? your in riyadh stupid.(really tight cut pink blouse and a red stretch pants) will be referred to as redpants.
m7shesh:no idiot, hes flan bn flan.dont you know him?
me:yaaaaaay go tell ur mama.

*red pants had a feeling that we were taking bout him so he smiled n looked at us*
m7shesh:whatever,just go n order me a quarter meal bitch.
me:okay whore.
*walks to the counter* *stands in line behind red pants*
me:umm,law sma7t ,ant '7l9t 6alab ?
redpants:ewah '7l9t 6albah.
me: ?_?, okay. 6yeb momken t7rrek el6aboor shway?
redpants:offffffffffffffff *possipoly upset becausu i continued to talk to him like a guy*.
m7shesh:whaaaaahaaaahaaahahahaahahaha *his ugly ,loud laugh ,t i think he fakes its intensity just to bother me* -_-
me:6yyib.....momken t7rkeen el 6aboor shway law sma7ty? :S
redpant:ok .XD
me:*facing the worker ordering the meals while twisting my hand behind my back and making a 00100 sign for m7shesh.

these are only a few situations i had. i mentioned them because they were kinda weird.
i dont think that its going to be weird anymore,i think i have developed some immunity against these stuations.

homo-bi sexuality,gender benders,the hair,the thobe,the jeans...the contraindications....and of course,some other sh*t

some of you wont like this post,i made it clear in the topic above so read no further if you are offended by this.
but i have to write about this,as a guy in riyadh,or najd generally,because it happens alot more than you think.

i have been seeing it since i was 10,maybe before,many kids talk about it as if it was the natural standard of thier sexual orientation.
and since then it never stopped,i have to hear about it (or sometimes see the
action,light and sometimes heavy action) at least every week.
and i know many people do encounter that alot,at least by conversation and talk.

and what suprises me that there are alot of females in here that dont know niether the true extent of this phenomena nor how common it is.
well,lets start by some of the universal definitions for some of the words concerning the topic.

top:the giver :S bottom:the reciver :x both:well,both of them x_x'
shemale/transgender:dude becomes a dudette after taking estrogens(he thinks that he is a female from inside).
transvestite:same as above,but no estrogens(this means his body n facial hair do not fall down,he dosent grow boobs n he dosent develop female fat distribution ,all this in contrast to the transgender which much resembles a female from the outside.

well, in riyadh,especially in the traditional and lower income nieghbourhoods in the south of the city,you are more likely to see the first three kinds.

there is no puplic word for a top,people rarely use this word,people just consider him a (man) or (fa7l)
the usual common word for a bottom is ('7neeth),(mbasbes)is used sometimes but most commonly they use i for people who do (unmanly)things even though they didnt reach the stage of a '7neeth in thier point of view,

these (unmanly things)could inculde :

-wearing a jeans or growing long hair(to the more (civilised)of them it becomes wearing a jeans without having dark skin and speaking in the certian (manly) accent,or grwoing hair without having a thick hairy mustache or saksooka+not having a dark skin).

-talking with a '7neeth without molesting him and humiliating him the way (fa7ls)do.either molest him and stick a few fingers in his a** or you are a '7neeth with no manhood(wallah 7alah :/ )

-walking down the street without a car,they think (why is he walking when he has a car?he must be a '7neeth wanting some1 to pick him up!! lets go and try our luck with him :S

-not wearing a thobe is enough to be a considerd a '7neeth in some parts of najd.
most people dont belive in thier hearts that what a (fa7l) does is outragous.even if a small portion of the people say that they dont react to is actions the same way they react to the bottom,the '7neeth ,the one who didnt accept the blessing of manhood in thier point of view
to them,it is a matter of glorified masculinity against humiliting femninity for them more than it is a matter of a religouse offence.
thats why (fa7ls) can get married after repenting thier actions(and even without repenting) and they dont get thier rep screwd up the way ('7neeths)do.

as for the bottom,some just like it from the back door with retaining thier masculine behaviour while others like to be feminine and someday the might become tansgenders .

i tried to understand those people,but every time i end in a roadblock,i have a feeling that i will never understand why all of the above types do what they do.

as for the shemales,i saw some of them abroad(even conversed with some)...i dont know why i get into stupid situations ,i will mention them in my next post.

in the end i would like to mention,again, that alot of people get discriminated against by calling them gay just because they dont wear thobes or because they dress diffirent,thats why those people isolate themselves with like minded people and think that every1 else is a retarded mota'7allef asshole.
while the others isolate themselves in fear of being called gay if they befriend the (jeans wearing m'7aneeth)
and we end up with 2 enemies that dont tolerate eachother in one society.

if you ask me,i dont want any1 to win(even though its obvious that the (mot'7allef assholes) have won over the (jeans wearing m'7aneeth) in the najd region)

i want them to tolerate and accept each other, or at least, not to be harassed by either of them when i wear a thobe or wear a jeans.

grow up already

mature,,,,,say bye bye to that childish over or unde horomoned phase of your life and get over those pre generated ideas about others.
in the end your all the same whether you liked it or not.
you cant just wave your magic wand and make them fade away so either exterminate them all,which is not a civilised option,or try living with them.

really ,walla some people in this town have seriuos issues. :S

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy belated Eid XD

yaaaay finally some reason to be happy XD.(not that i really need a reason ,sometimes i just burst into laughter,just like that:D, n they sayالضحك بدون سبب قلة ادب n thats me heheh,8leel adab ).
anyway sorry for not righting in this blog for so long but i never write when i dont feel like it and some times my fuc*ing mood gets really bitchy,besides ,i spend most of my time out.and for the last 10 days i was out of town.
i hope u guys got all freshened up after this holiday cuz the next semister is gonna be one long azz biatch.
so get ready for school or work or whatever(i know u guys want to throw tomatos at me now,dont hate me:) ).
speaking of work.....Dr Cafe is hiring,1 shift and the pay is good:) hear that KGB? fill the form below and dont ask my what is a barista i havent the slightest clue but no need for that,i know your going to check the manager box ;D .

as for me im very glad that i got out this fucking najdi pleatue for a change and went to the eastern province,baharain n kuwait(yeah you guessed it right i was too broke to go to dubai).