Sunday, December 03, 2006

LOOOL,rabee3,cartoons ,polarism,n some other sh*t

LOOOOOOOL, bullseye rabee3 my man.capture the moment...put them in front of the mirror,and show them how ugly they can be XD... this is one ugly truth.
i dunno whats wrong with me, i used to get annoyd when i see things like this,but i got tired of getting annoyd and im sure many of you dont give a fuck anymore either.,its dark comedy time,its one of the best ways to polish our mirror from the dust of self-rightiousness so we can see our image more clearly.
now i didnt bring this up as a regurgitation of the (self-whipping) attitude.
self whipping will do no good,it will just raise your blood pressure up.
what i would do is:
1-this kind of attitude is a fact ,and it wont change soon
2-I dont have to accept it,but ill have to deal with it,i dont have to confront it... rather absorb it(unless they really ask for a confrontation)
3-dont hold grudge,its just the way they were taught.they have been under exposure of the wrong ideas for too long that they dont even remember that it is wrong anymore,im sure if expose them to diffirent concepts in the same amount that have accumelated in thier minds over the years they will rethink thier actions,but its hard to do that since they had alife time accumlating these thoughts .
alot of them feels uneasy about it when they are first taught to do it,by friends or by society.some might have a hard time beliving it but these guys arent pure evil.for sure many of them had this uncomfortable feeling or guilt or confusion when they first started to do it may be at late childhood /early teens.
because thier hearts were pure at that time....a childs heart is pure usually(you might think im being a little too optimistic here but belive me,alot of them are,,,and if fate gave him a chance to know you better..spend more time with you...for example gets stuck with in some place for a few weeks and you 2 get to know each other more.belive me....they will come back to thier senses and feel like assholes,it will change thier life forever.and yours might have certain pre-established ideas and stererotypes about certain types of people,lets say bedwins,or people that wear thobes,or even sa7awis(bold one ).
f you are put in the right circumstances,you will float through the barriers and grasp the other edges center.and you will be electrified by it,detached from your own center ,floating aimlessly in space not being pulled by any ideological or social power.the only power that your going to feel is the power within you,the power that comes as impulses synchronized with your heartbeats.(sounds gay i know :S.)this experiment created a new breed ...i can say it could be like...former enemies, proton and have became neutral protons..with no outside pressure,no friction,no polarism,no negative,no posotive,you dont try tp pull some1 to yourside,and no one can pull you to thier side,cuz your no going to respond to become a pole-less neutron :) your only center is yourself .)
anyway back to rabee3.some times its only the cartoons that make me buy a typical mainstream newspaper that most of its writers try to please eachother n every1 else by turning a blind eye to mistakes.... overdose of hypocracy can specially be seeb in the readers letters section.
so thanks to cartoons and a very very few good writers i have to spend about 10 riyals a week on newspapers.
heres another one of my favorites :)the eastern daeri(circular)road.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

About Graffiti,me&graffiti artists,ksa,and some other sh*t



they said:(Form of visual communication, usually illegal, involving the unauthorized marking of public space by an individual or group.)

well,this may not interest you .but personally i find it ....(what word should i use?Captivating?Cool?Charming?).and to be frank i wanted to be a graffiti artist ( still wanna) since i was a kid but i wouldnt use it on private property...but really...some walls had it coming
ever since i saw this HUUUUGGGEE graffiti in NYC on tv when i was a kid .
also when i bought jet set radio(a vedio game on dreamcast and Xbox).
for example,i can have this thought,emotion,or this overwhelming impulse in your heart about something.but when its gone....thats it...its dead
that made me think about recording it instead of wasting it away.
i could use poetry, or just write it down or draw it.i could make it make it private so i can remember that emotion whether it was love,hate,happiness,grief,respect,grudge or whatever.
or....paying homage to some1 :) (look below ;) )

gangsta to the end ^^
or i can make it puplic so i could transmit that emotion to other people.
like minded people will get it right,and different people will get different messages.
other poeple may have other reasons to do graffiti.

by the way the word graffiti is taken from the italian word graffio wich means scratch or scribble,it is a plural noun in Italian. In English graffiti is far more common than the singular form graffito and is mainly used as a singular noun.

of course i saw some tasteless graffitis here n there but everything has good n bad in not sure about the way im supposed to classify graffiti in saudi arabia....actually i dont think that i can call it graffiti in the first place.

they are usually pretedermined into three categories
1-older guy writing love letters for a younger guy(ابو حسين عاشق الزين)...or very rarely..a girl(i know..-_-' i thought wtf? too)
2-taf7ee6 mottos.(يا لومينا هدي ويا كامري ادي)lol(i love taf7ee6 but i hate most of the mf76een,i just thank god i met some decent ones before i die,al dnea lessa b'7eer :D ).
3-football,i think that almost every1 in this country seen a trash can with the writing (فندق النصر) or something similar to this on it :S`.
any way at least they r expressing thier selves(even though in here they tend to do it on other peoples walls,and not abandoned or alley walls but brand new walls of other peoples houses).

but still my toungue paralyzes every time i try to call it art,i mean really ....the mere thought of comparison is awfully ridiculous.take this for example...i know at least one graffiti artist that will commit suicide when he sees this :x .

i met some graffii artist abroad and i saw them working...they really but efforts in it and they seem like creatve people to me,sure some of them are over-tattoed and use too many shizits when talking and being bihzad but at least they create something good..not to mention that thier tattoos are so fu*king cool,and to be frank the way they were talking to me n took me in a tour in thier nighbourhoods to (educate,yup,thats the word they used :D)about thier hobby was more accepting and friendly to me than some of the people i know in here and unfortunately some of them are family members and know me very well but still judge me for having this haircut or hanging out with that person or thinking about this idea etc etc etc....the list goes on and it can fill a whole blogger,but anyway,the point is....even though many people cosider them childish or freaky..they didnt seem like that to me on the contrary,they seemd very nonjudjng people to me...i mean its enough for me that when they told them that im saudi they didnt give me the treatment the i usually get from the rednecks or some of the evanglical extremists.
i hope the day when i see saudi graffiti atists come soon(without the mohawks i hope :) )
heres one of my favoritesfrom buenes aires

it says(tenderness can be mean sometimes) true :D.

montreal...i even got to touch this one n when i surfed the net i got this pic of it.what r the odds? :P

and heres a special little thing i came across,i found out later that it was done by some turkish group. O_o i wonder if they did it because they got bored in the middle of 3omrah or something.

:D cya,and remember,1 spray can is only 5 sr.